Neil deGrasse Tyson Goes On Joke Rant on Twitter

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Neil deGrasse Tyson is arguably America's most prolific pop-culture intellect who recently used his brain power for... jokes. The epic joke rant began and went on for 48 hours and all the jokes had a theme: bar. Sound strange?

Sure, but for a popular scientist who largely advocates for intellectual curiosity, this feed of jokes is a great aspect of his ability to connect with people.

Tyson recently came out with the prime-time science show 'Cosmos'... that's right I said prime-time. But Tyson is more known for being pretty much everywhere and spreading the word of science and reason. Whether it's CNN, Bill Maher or Conan, Tyson is really in a league of his own as a popular scientist.

His intellect is really only matched by his sense of humor which is why he is so relatable. So this Twitter event was particularly fun from the scientist as a total of 11 bar jokes and counting tally up on his Twitter feed.

Generally, his feed does have great facts and information, but it also has jokes and observations that rival the likes of Jerry Seinfeld (whose Twitter feed is actually really boring).

So here you have it, some of the epic bar jokes from one of Americas leading scientists. Yes, you read that correctly: