Natalie Portman Talks Her Second Pregnancy On The Tonight Show

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon featured a "glowing and showing," as Fallon put it, guest by the name of Natalie Portman. The actress stopped by to chat about her secret pregnancy which isn't such a secret anymore.

Fallon couldn't help but to gush over how awesome he felt it was that Portman was expecting her second child. Portman said she believed people would pick up on it because she wasn't drinking but Fallon joked he just thought she was on a clean-living movement.

Fallon wanted to know if Portman was being treated differently and the actress said because she was smaller, she shows much faster and more.

She said everyone thinks she is about to pop anytime now, however, she still has months to go.

This year, Portman will be celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas and joked that it was every Jewish persons secret wish to have a Christmas tree.

After 35 years, Portman will finally have a Christmas tree so, Fallon gave her a Tonight Show ornament for her tree.

Portman's new film Jackie is scheduled to hit theaters on December 2. You can check out her interview with Jimmy Fallon in the video below.

Natalie Portman Talks Her Second Pregnancy On The Tonight Show