Kristin Cavallari Loves Nashville, But Does She Love It Enough To Stay?

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Ever since Kristin Cavallari moved to Nashville, Tennessee, we've been seeing her showcasing her experience of the great American city in pretty much every aspect of her life.

Whether Kristin Cavallari is displaying her home, her cooking, where she's going or what she's eating, it's clear her love of Nashville shines through. So how exactly does Nashville show up in Kristin Cavallari's life? Read on to learn more!

Kristin Cavallari's Nashville Home

In 2015, Kristin Cavallari opened up her home to Elle, which profiled Kristin cuddling her children, cooking and spending time away from the spotlight and instead with her family in the shelter and privacy of her 6 bedroom, 10.5 bathroom home, complete with a movie theatre and a pool.

Kristin talked in the interview about how she and husband Jay Cutler planned to settle down permanently in Nashville, even after his contract ends.

Cavallari also displays her home proudly in multiple shots on her Instagram. Whether she's cooking in her kitchen, or spending time with her kids in her backyard, Kristin Cavallari clearly loves her home!

Kristin Cavallari's Nashville Bites

Kristin Cavallari truly enjoys spending her time cooking. Given that she's got a cookbook that's coming out sometime in the next couple of years, Kristin is certainly someone who enjoys her food.

But we also get to see her making her way through what Nashville has to offer in terms of its food. Here's a shot of Kristin enjoying a Tennessee cupcake:

We also get a view of Kristin Cavallari's own cooking in this shot of her presenting her homemade zucchini bread:

Kristin Cavallari's Nashville Sights

It's clear Kristin does not keep herself confined to her home.

She spends plenty of time out and about and gives us a chance to see all of the Nashville sights that she enjoys. We see her children on a trek through the woods of Nashville below:

We also see Kristin Cavallari showing off all of the beauty of the businesses of Nashville:

So will we ever see Kristin Cavallari returning to L.A.? Only time will tell.