'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: 'Lions at the Gate' Season 2 Premiere Episode 1

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Another group of 12 Naked and Afraid veterans are going big to take on the Naked and Afraid XL challenge by spending 40 days and 40 nights naked, in the most desolate areas of South Africa for the season two premiere "Lions at the Gate."

In the season two premiere of Naked and Afraid XL, Alyssa Ballestero, Angel Rodriguez, Carrie Booze, Clarence Gilmer II, Darrin Reay, Jake Nodar, Kim Kelly, Phaedra Brothers, Ryan Holt, Stacey Lee Osorio, Steven Lee Hall Jr. and Tawny Lynn are the new contestants looking to take on the 40 days and 40 nights challenge.

Alyssa was last featured in the Yucatan and held a previous PSR of 7.8.

Angel was last featured in Nicaragua for his challenge with a previous PSR of 8.1. Carrie was in Cambodia for her challenge with a fairly low previous PSR of 4.8.

Clarence overcame his challenge in Honduras with a previous PSR of 7.9. Darrin survived his challenge in Thailand that gives him a high previous PSR of 8.2.

Jake took on Amazonia for his challenge and finished with a previous PSR of 8. Kim rocked her challenge in Panama to finish alone with a previous PSR of 7.

Phaedra's last challenge was in India where her previous PSR was 6.9. Ryan proved that he was made to survive the Everglades and finished with what is now a previous PSR of 8.3.

Stacey's challenge in Croatia was cut short due to a freak accident, however her previous PSR is 6.1.

Steven has a huge previous PSR of 8.6 after his challenge in Alabama. Tawny took on her challenge in Florida and has a previous PSR of 7.9.

Jake, Clarence, and Stacy are the first group to be introduced. Clarence and Stacy meet up and hit it off.

When they catch up to Jake, he doesn't seem to really like Clarence. The first water they come upon is too gross to be drinkable but it's the only source they've seen so they collect it.

Pondo Ravine is where the second group is making camp. It's an all male group of Steven, Ryan, and Angel.

They seem to all hit it off together instantly. They find a nice spot to set their camp and start by creating a barrier of thorns in order to keep out any predators.

The all female group, Pheada, Twany, and Alyssa is based at Swati Valley. The first injury happens and they decide that they'll have to put a pause on creating a shelter until the next day.

The last group is consisted of Kim, Darrien, and Carrie. They have found a water source but they have also found a couple male lions lounging near by.

It's night time and Ryan's taking the first watch. He hears something rustling in the bush.

He's not the only one.

The whole girl group is also hearing a noise that sounds like a lion walking near their camp. The next morning, the all male group starts building spears and nets in order to hunt for food.

Jake Clarence and Stacey have made camp near a dwindling water supply, that seems to be filled with different species poo in it. Clarence wants to move on but the other two are satisfied with the current spot.

Kim, Carrie, and Darrien are also having trouble with their water supply.

They had to make camp far back in order to be clear of the lions, however the walk is too dehydrating. Darrien shoots down the idea of moving the camp closer.

The all girl group isn't going to well. Pheada is being plagued with heat exhaustion and they haven't been able to find any water.

By night fall Pheada and Alyssa are really sick. By morning, they seem to have gotten better. However, they're feeling very unsafe.

Stacey, Clarence, and Jake go down to their water supply in hopes of finding food. Clarence catches a crab but he won't be able to eat it because he's allergic to shellfish.

Carrie, Kim, and Darrien are starting to have a real problem with the ticks in the area. Carrie is being warn down already by the heat, lack of water, and ticks.

The boys are ready to start hunting. Angel is sent back to camp by the other two. A monster of a warthog falls into their net.

Steven is worried it's too big for them to handle. Ryan thinks they can handle the large animal. The warthog gets away before they can do anything, though.

Carrie shares her feelings with her team members. She's interrupted by a lion's roar, which keeps them from sleeping.

Carrie decides that she's not going to stay on the show. It's day 4 and the first person is gone. Kim and Darrien worry about the loss of an extra mind and body.

Stacey and Jake feel grateful for Clarence with the crab so they go back to the water supply and catch the fish.

Clarence stays at the campsite relaxing. He refuses to eat the fish, in fact he's decided not to eat anything at all during this trip.

While Clarence goes to fetch water, his teammate discuss his worrying habit of not eating or drinking. He's getting on their nerves.

They begin to fight when Clarence suggests moving on from this spot. In the end, he goes off in search of water on his own.

"Lions at the Gate" is the perfect opening episode for Discovery's Naked and Afraid XL.

The challenge will continue to get even more real for the nude contestants who are trying to work as a team to complete 40 days and 40 nights challenge.

Fans can continue to follow the Naked and Afraid XL challenge on Sundays at 10 PM on Discovery.

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