'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: 'Dani, Honora, Laura & More' 'Welcome To The Jungle'

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The Discovery hit "Naked and Afraid" goes XL tonight.

In the "Naked and Afraid XL" episode one "Welcome to the Jungle," Alana, Chris, Dani Beau, Dani Julien, EJ, Eva, Hakim, Honora, Jeff, Laura, Luke and Shane all get naked for 40 days and 40 nights for season five.

Fans will recognize some of the participants from previous episodes of "Naked and Afraid." Dani Beau (Facebook) was a contestant on the "Colombian Conflict" episode of "Naked and Afraid.

Now, Dani (Twitter) is getting naked for a second time as she tries to survive 40 days and 40 nights in Colombia. She (Instagram) along with the rest of the contestants will not be pair with a partner from the opposite sex. They formed their own groups of three to try to make it through the challenge. Alana Barfield (Facebook) was a complete trooper during her first "Naked and Afraid" experience in Fiji.

She (Twitter) outlasted her partner and ended up on top. This time, she's looking to do the same in double the time.

Alana, Dani B and Shane Lewis (Facebook, Twitter) from the Costa Rica challenge, make up the first group and things got pretty crazy as the personalities clashed in El Bosque. Alana's team has an XLR of 7.6.

They are spread throughout four different ecosystems, the Roca Diablo, Cano Verde, Rio Negro and El Bosque which gave gave each group their own test to survive.

Each team will also have a combined XLR rating which takes their previous PSR from the older challenges and reveals the average.

EJ Snyder (Facebook, Twitter) took on Tanzania and the Amazon.

Now, he is part of the alpha male team with Hakim Isler (Facebook) from the India challenge and Jeff Zausch (Facebook, Twitter) from the Madagascar. They will take on Roca Diablo, in hopes to increase their XLR from 7.9.

Dani Julien (Twitter) is giving "Naked and Afraid" a second shot as well. She (Instagram) was featured in "Blood in the Water" where she and her partner thrived and earned a victory.

This time she is getting naked in front of 11 other contestants who are all seeking the same goal, surviving 40 days and 40 nights, naked and afraid.

She is part of the all female team with Eva Rupert (Facebook) from the "Madagascar" challenge Eva (Twitter) is one of the big survivors in the series (Instagram).

Laura Zerra (Facebook) first appeared in "Punishment in Panama." She (Twitter) and is part of the all female team who was inserted at Rio Negro with an XLR of 8.2.

Honora Bowen (Facebook) was featured on the "Dunes of Despair" and it did not look good for her after her partner found her unconscious in her first attempt at survival. Now, Honora is trying to attempt an even bigger challenge than her first.

She's stripping down once more to see if she can claim redemption on "Naked and Afraid XL." Chris Fischer, (Facebook) the ex-marine who spend his first challenge in Dominica and Luke McLaughlin, (Facebook, Twitter) from the Namibia challenge are her teammates.

They will be inserted at Cano Verde with an XLR of 7.8. Their teams looks like it may endure one of the biggest hardships overall.

"Welcome to the Jungle" is setting the stage for one of the most remarkable challenges. The "Naked and Afraid XL" challenge is introducing a very interesting narrative to the show.

In some ways it's even better than the individual challenges. It makes for much more compelling TV and the setting is perfect. You can check out the real action on the second episode "40 Days & 40 Nights."