'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: '40 Days Sacrifice' Season 5 Episode 7

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Last week Discovery's "Naked and Afraid XL" there came a formation of one large team, the alpha males got another male on their side and Alana and Dani B are still casually lazy about.

This week in "40 Days Sacrifice," episode seven of season five, the alpha male team is being stalked.

In "40 Days Sacrifice," Honora's (Facebook, Instagram) absence has zero effect on the new super team of Chris (Facebook) and Luke (Facebook, Twitter), Dani Julien (Twitter, Instagram), Eva (Twitter, Instagram) and Laura (Twitter and they made the long trek to Piranha Lake where EJ (Facebook, Twitter) and Jeff (Facebook, Twitter) and Shane (Facebook) have found early success with reeling in a huge eel for dinner. Facebook) Dani Beau (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) Alana (Facebook, Twitter) are still stuck in Roca Diablo where it's much more feasible for them because Dani B is a vegetarian.

While the super team was treated to a little eel dinner they still went on their way but EJ, Shane and Jeff insist that if they are to share the lake area there must be rules put forth to make sure they aren't always sharing their spoils of victory.

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Things shift into gear on Day 24 as Shane, EJ and Jeff are trying their best to get hydrated after weeks without proper hydration. When Shane tries the water something doesn't seem right and the teaser is foreshadowing trouble ahead. Things really start off where they left off last week with the alpha males trying to scare the big cat away from their camp.

They are worried that now other predators know where they are.

Meanwhile, Alana and Dani B have decided to leave their camp to move to an area closer to extraction. They set out very early in the morning and Dan B knows it will be hard for her.

The guys are up early in the morning looking for tracks and they find some pretty big prints. They think that it could take one of them out stealthily and suddenly they are reminded that they aren't the only predators in Colombia. They sense that there will be a fight for territory.

They are within four miles of the extraction point and just down the way is the super team who are finishing up their dried mangoes.

Eva looks to be thinking about a communal team who will share their food, the same might not be said for the guys.

Shane is suffering from severe dehydration and doesn't seem to want to slow down. The groups must boil the water otherwise they risk typhoid and other diseases.

Just when they begin boiling the water, their super team neighbors walk over and tell the guys that they normally leave the water to boil while they go exploring.

Jeff isn't too happy about everyone sharing things but shows them to the lake where they killed the eel.

Chris notices two five foot eels and the rest of the team minus Jeff the tour guide head into the water for their kill.

Luke and Chris decide they want to push the eels into the shallow and they ask the girls if they are ready to get shocked. Before he can say anything else, everyone heads into the water and Chris tells them that if they get shocked to muscle up and drive their spear into them.

Luke makes himself the trapper and suffers a shock and Jeff is laughing it off. They know they can't grab it with their barehands and Chris is furious that the team lost a pretty substantial meal.

Meanwhile, Dani and Alana are trekking through the savanna and finally have a taste of what the other teams went through. It seems as if they are headed to Piranha Lake as well which could prove to be pretty troublesome if they run into Shane. They begin walking up on the super team and introduce themselves. Then the super team tells the girls that Shane, EJ and Jeff are there as well.

Shane sees them and is already worried. He says he doesn't want them to be on his team while the super team is a big more welcoming.

All ten remaining contestants have a meeting to discuss how they are going to share the resources.

Luke and Dani Julien think the more the better is the way to go about everything, however, Jeff says that his team would rather stick in their own group.

Eva and Alana believe that the men are on a alpha male trip but aren't too hurt by the guys choosing to go their own way. Jeff, EJ and Shane are working on their very large shelter but Shane's lack of protein is making it hard for him to keep up.

Shane is dizzy and tanking, which Jeff notices and looks to be very worried. Jeff and EJ have a meeting and they realize that their partner is suffering and his organs are starting to shut down.

In the evening the super team is surprised by some protein from a wandering snake. Luke and his team believes that they are jungle rich and snack on the snake while they prepare for another day of hunting. They begin clearing and area for their shelter in the morning. The plan is to build a simple cowboy-styled camp.

Meanwhile, the alpha male team continue to work as Shane is still going slow. Shane is still working despite his weakness and Jeff says he's worried about him.

Shane says he will keep going until he can't and the team will make a decision from there.

The super team is having success boiling water while the alpha male team is struggling with the time it takes to boil their water.

Dani is finding it hard to get plants, fruits and nuts to fulfill her vegetarian diet. She can't find any and realizes it's going to be a lot hard for her now. Things pick up where it left off in the beginning where Shane beginnings digging for good water.

Jeff comes over and he asks EJ to come look at what he's done.

Shane takes a batch of water from his hole and elects to be the guinea pig. The guys are really appreciating Shane's efforts despite his condition and as he drinks the water he seems to be doing just fine.

At night the guys are hanging out and Shane seems to be in excellent condition after drinking the water. They have a four and a half foot deep well with fresh water because of Shane and Jeff is very thankful for that. By Day 29, Jeff continues to pray for strength to continue. Jeff tastes the water and he and EJ are very happy about Shane's find which is a game changer for their entire team.

The super team is still trying to catch some protein and resort to the mosquito net. Jeff is watching the super team and decides he's going to catch some fish and show them up.

He quickly catches a fish and quietly walks away to bring the catch to the team.

Just then, the super team sees a snake and they are frantically trying to catch it while the alpha males use it as their own form of TV.

They fail, yet again, and EJ is completely baffled as to how a large team like that just can't seem to get it together and catch some food. EJ is doing some more fishing and manages to reel into a pretty big eel all on his own. Everyone comes over to watch including the super team and now Jeff has to decide whether or not he will share it with the group.

He decides to split it in half and Luke tells him to think about it. Jeff says he thinks it's what god would want him to do and both teams will be eating good this evening.

Well, everyone except Dani B, the vegetarian who begins to get very emotional because she doesn't want to have to eat animals or fish to survive.

Everyone is enjoying the eel that Jeff caught for nine contestants and all they can do is talk about how great the meal is. The next day Dani decides to walk along the banks to find food and they find Shane who looks to be passed out near the banks. He wakes up and walks away from them. EJ walks up and finds Shane who tells him he's just a bit tired. He brought Shane some food and water and tells him he's worried.

Shane has to hold himself up every time and then breaks down because his body isn't recovering even after the protein and water he's consumed. Shane sits down with his group and voice his frustrations with himself.

He says he doesn't think it's healthy to risk it anymore and Shane taps out. He expresses his gratitude for the guys and they tell him that every time they needed him he risked it for them.

Shane admirably tapped out in order to make sure that he doesn't expend all of the resources without putting in work.

The return to the big group and break the news to the super team and Alana until the end holds up that she was right.

EJ says he respects the decision as the nine remaining members think about life beyond the the remaining days.

"40 Days Sacrifice" saw yet another shift in the game and jus how dangerous it can be when there are predators of the jungle lurking in your new territory.

Piranha Lake is getting pretty crowded but the teams are well past the halfway mark and trucking along to the end.

See what happens when Discovery continues to show what happens when strangers are put out in the harsh wilderness, "Naked and Afraid XL."