'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: '40 Days No Escape' Season 5 Episode 3

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This week on Discovery's "Naked and Afraid XL," the mash-up show where four teams are trying to survive 40 days and 40 nights continues this week with "40 Days No Escape," the third episode of season 5.

In "40 Days No Escape" the teams continue to face challenges, especially since Hakim has already tapped out. Team one consists of Dani Beau (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) Alana (Facebook, Twitter) and Shane (Facebook) in El Bosque. Their team is given a XLR rating of 7.6 to start.

The XLR is based on the average of each contestants PSR. Team two consists of EJ (Facebook, Twitter) and Jeff (Facebook, Twitter) who are inserted into Roca Diablo with an XLR of 7.9, however they are down one member as Hakim tapped out last week. The third team consists of Dani Julien (Twitter, Instagram), Eva (Twitter, Instagram) and Laura (Twitter, Facebook) who are inserted into Rio Negro with an XLR of 8.2 and finally, the last team is Honora (Facebook), Chris (Facebook) and Luke (Facebook, Twitter) starting with a 7.8 XLR.

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The episode kicks off with a scene of Honora, Chris and Luke in a fight where Honora feels attacked and throws Luke's machete into the water. Foreshadowing much? Things really begin with Luke, Chris and Honora moving through the snake infested waters of Cano Verde. They find a fruit tree that is slightly climbable according to Honora, however, Luke and Chris aren't sure of Honora's climbing skills.

As a rock climber, Honora is insistent but the guys managed to persuade her otherwise. She already feels a bit marginalized by her teammates.

Meanwhile, in El Bosque, Shane, Alana and Dani find a turtle. Alana didn't plan on eating it, however, Shane says that they kind of have to and he wants to eat it and will eat it. Alana continues to treat the turtle with respect and lets it go.

Shane is a bit more infuriated but he decides to keep his cool because he will need the girls later on.

He asks Alana if they can kill everything they get from this point on. The girls aren't really playing the survival game and it's going to tell on their team.

The all girl team still hasn't been united and Dani, the only survivor who is still alone, hasn't eaten anything yet. Laura and Eva are unaware that their partner is all alone and are concentrating on their own fish baskets. They hear a noise behind them and when they leave to check it out as well as whistle, there is nothing in return.

They continue to follow it and eventually find Dani, who is ecstatic to see her partners. Eva even thinks that it is bad ass that she was out there on her own.

Laura and Eva have a bit of social time with Dani and she invites them to move to her shelter.

Chris and Luke do a little fishing in Cano Verde but Honora is still hellbent on getting fruit. She begins climbing the trees once again and manages to get a fruit. As Chris stalks a fish in the water they fail to catch the fish.

Honora asks if they should try cooking the green fruit.

They eat the fruit but Chris is not a fan at all and Honora isn't happy with her partners. She says they have no respect for her, so she will display the same attitude towards them.

EJ and Jeff's team which is down one member is suffering from dehydration. They go on a search for water but have to fight through thorny trees that could cause infection.

Jeff has a thorn go bone deep and has to have the dangerous sap squeezed out.

The all female team move into the water with their mosquito net/fish trap. They roast up some tiny fish they caught over a fire they made and look to be very happy.

Jeff and EJ are still exhausted and suffering from dehydration at night. Every team is feeling the sting of all of the insects. Shane talks about looking for attention with his group members as day nine is upon everyone.

Chris, Luke and Honora are still not seeing eye to eye and they decide to dive into piranha and anaconda infested waters. Honora isn't feeling well during the dive and her team is finding it very hard to find food.

Honora is starting to black-out a bit and it looks like Brazil all over again. Chris doesn't think Honora is handling her exhaustion in the right way and decides he won't be worried about her anymore.

Alana, Dani and Shane are still looking for protein. Shane is frustrated because the turtle could have been a great source of food. He constructs a bow and arrow to go hunting while Alana and Dani stalk a rodent.

Dani and Alana laugh at Shane's failure to hit the rodent and he says there is about a day or two before he starts snapping at them. Shane misses and they lose their potential food.

He is frustrated and Dani tries to tell him it's his first time which doesn't go over well.

The female group stalks a little lizard which Laura is able to grab with her bare hands. The lizard is full of worms and Dani is scared of getting sick from the worms. They check the rest of the lizards guts to see how bad it is.

Dani is voicing her concerns and Eva and Laura don't see things her way. Jeff and EJ still haven't found water but they finally find a stream. The two rejoice after finding some hydration that needs no purification.

As night falls, the Cano Verde crew is still a bit separated. On day 10 Honora just wants to rest but Chris and Luke don't seem fine with it. The conflict from the beginning of this episode comes through in full force as Honora expresses her grievances.

She cries about it and Chris and Luke have had enough of her complaining. Chris yells at Honora and it causes her to breakdown even more.

Chris tells her to tap out and Honora snaps. She starts burning their means of fire and then takes the machete and throws it into the water.

Things calm down a bit as Luke tries to find out what Honora wants. Chris is a bit angry and he is forced to go fishing for the tools she threw away. Luke convinces Honora that wrongs need to be righted if she intends on being a part of their group.

Honora is still upset over fruit and threw away valuable tools. Chris is furious and Luke can't reach Honora. Neither of the sides plan on budging so this team is in turmoil.

After finding water, EJ and Jeff have to move on to finding food. EJ finds a snake but the team loses a standoff with the reptile. Their frustration starts setting in but they move on to fishing as a mode of food. Jeff hooks a fish and the guys go crazy in celebration.

Meanwhile, Luke, Chris and Honora are continuing to argue. Honora is trying to make it harder for Luke and Chris and she steals the canteen and runs away while they argue. Luke chases after her and tries to be reasonable but Honora has a breakdown.

Honora says it will make her feel better that Chris won't make it out. Luke thought Honora was going to retrieve their survival items but she was submerging them deeper.

Chris jumps in to try to get the machete and is pretty successful. Honora tries to claim the knife as hers and Chris tries to argue but Luke asks him to give her the knife so she can leave. He asks her if she's willing to show him where she put the bottle and she agrees but when Chris goes looking he can't find it.

Luke asks her if she realizes that she sabotaged the whole team by trying to get back at them.

Luke loses patience and gives her a huge lecture about throwing everything away. Honora is completely delusional at this point because it can be very dangerous without their survival tools for the rest of the time there.

"40 Days No Escape" is a strong continuation from last weeks episode. Tempers are continuing to flare as these teams move closer and closer to their breaking points.

Being away from their families and civilization for more than a month is an incredible task.

The madness will continue next week as the teams continue to struggle. See what happens when Discovery continues to show what happens when strangers are put out in the harsh wilderness, "Naked and Afraid."