'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: '40 Days Filth and Fury' Season 5 Finale Episode 9

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This is it for Discovery's "Naked and Afraid XL" as the Colombian jungle crew continues to get smaller. Only eight of the 12 contestants remain as the season finale "40 Days Filth and Fury," episode eight of season five is upon us.

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In "40 Days Filth and Fury," Honora (Facebook, Instagram) tapped out, along with Hakim, Shane and most recently Dani Julien (Twitter, Instagram) which leaves just Chris (Facebook) and Luke (Facebook, Twitter), Eva (Twitter, Instagram), Dani Beau (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), Alana (Facebook, Twitter) and Laura (Twitter, Facebook). The larger team is still being carried by EJ (Facebook, Twitter) and Jeff (Facebook, Twitter) who have been kicking the challenge's butt, particularly Jeff whose fishing skills are keeping everyone fed.

It's the end of the road and Dani B. has been struggling quite a bit because she is a vegetarian. Will she be able to make the final push? See all the XLR's here.

The season finale kicks off with a foreshadowing clip of the trek to then end of the challenge and it doesn't look good. On day 37 EJ and Jeff are sharpening some tools as they think about all of the time they spent in Colombia. They are focused on the extraction and Jeff feels like he's been working very hard. He is worried about others making it to extraction. Meanwhile, the larger group is feeling weaker by the day.

Luke realizes that there is still a lot of time. He and Laura set out to do a little hunting for a hopeful meal for the end.

They come across a stingray and they work together to try and capture him. Laura and Luke strike at it but they failed and to add insult to injury, Laura was peed on by a monkey.

Luke and Laura return and Luke is not looking good. He stumbles a bit and suffers a minor blackout. He says it's so hard for him to keep going but there is only two days left in the challenge.

Jeff is at it again looking to something to hunt. He happens to come across what might be the same ray that escaped Luke and Laura.

It doesn't escape the master hunter and now EJ and Jeff will be sharing a meal, however, he won't be sharing it this time.

As night falls Jeff and EJ are feeling pretty good and Jeff says that he doesn't mean any disrespect but he and his partner are of a different breed. They are certainly the most successful group and they are beginning to prepare for extraction. The journey is five miles long, however, it's so dangerous it will take two days.

They aren't sure if they have to swim to the extraction point and Jeff says they just need to prevent weak links from slowing them down.

Both EJ and Jeff feel as if they should be leading the pack and it would be a lot easier if it was just the two of them. The larger group plans on leaving early.

EJ and Jeff meet with the larger group and tells them that they would like to make the journey alone as a two-man team. They want to finish out the journey they way they started it.

They don't really let the larger group in on their plan either which is understandable.

The large team especially Eva, Alana and Chris feels betrayed by the two guys and they are not weak links. Chris says that if they were really elite they would act like it.

On day 38 EJ is filming his confession and he's pretty loud which angers the larger group. Chris yells out to EJ that it's a diary cam not an autobiography and it all ends there. Jeff and EJ quietly leave early to get a head start over the larger group so that they aren't slowed down. Meanwhile, the larger group choose a later time to go over their two-day plan. They still seem a little salty about Jeff and EJ leaving but they are just ready to get their 40 days over with.

The guys were able to get to the lake at a fast pace and decide to swim to the rock. The water is filled with large cayman, anacondas and piranha's.

They begin to wade through the water as the larger group is struggling. Alana is hungry and not use to going to fast. She is concerned about the swim ahead of her and says she feels out of it.

The two guys reach the other side without a problem and have completed stage one of their journey. Jeff is worried about the rock climbing up vertical cliffs and EJ almost blows his knee out.

They make a successful climb and now have to hike four miles across dangerous and unforgiving terrain.

The group of six arrives at the lake and Chris says his biggest worry is getting everyone across safely without compromising his own safety.

They start to worry as little bite set it and then a bit of commotion in the water.

They manage to escape without being completely attacked by the piranha's. Eva thanks her team for the encouragement and Alana is exhausted after the swim. They make the steep climb that EJ and Jeff made earlier and it's taking a toll on Luke. Luke is really worried about everyone's body being too fatigued and a possible accident.

EJ and Jeff are rolling through like champs and reach the Orinoco river. The group can hear them exclaiming and it's just making them more angry.

Jeff and EJ realize that they need to build a boat or raft to get across the river safely. They decide to take a day to build a raft as the larger group catches up with them.

Eva decides that she needs to have a talk with the guys and confronts them about not wanting anything to with the larger group. EJ and Jeff say that don't have derogatory thoughts to them.

Eva actually got emotional and said she once considered Jeff as a brother and she wasn't expecting that at all.

In the end things were ended on a positive note but Jeff feels bad that the larger group has resentment towards he and EJ.

While looking for bamboo, they come across a cayman and Laura wants to try to get it. They planned on throwing the bag over the caymans face and from the looks of it, they missed it. However, somehow Luke, Eva and Laura were able to capture dinner before they head out to extraction. They present it to the group and all of their failed attempts have now paid off.

They enjoy their meal without Jeff and EJ. Dani Beau is continuing to keep faithful to her vegetarian roots.

Alana doesn't want to share the food however, Eva realizes that the right thing to do would be to share the cayman with them.

You could tell than Jeff was humbled by it and it showed a bit of peace between the two teams.

On the final day, day 40 EJ and Jeff as well as the larger group get ready to travel across the Orinoco. EJ and Jeff have finished their raft, however, Chris decides that a longboard-like raft would be better. The larger group has already launched their raft, Jeff and EJ are starting higher up and plan on letting the currant do most of the work. Luke gets sick and says he just wants to puke.

Everyone seems to be struggling and once again they are greeted by something pretty awesome. There are river dolphins swimming next to the team and they are pushing on. The raft perfectly and they make it across.

Meanwhile, Jeff and EJ have drifted past the island and might barely have energy to correct their course. Jeff believes in him and perseveres enough to make it to shore. A half mile ahead, the larger group stumbles into the extraction point and begin to cramp up really badly. They have made it and as soon as they see the boats they start heading for them full force. They have survived 40 days in the Colombian desert.

Jeff and EJ are actually suffering a bit however, they eventually see the boats coming up and they too have made it. They go wild and sprint to the river to take the ride back to safety.

EJ is so overcome with emotion after what he's gone through. His family is what kept him going.

Dani B. is pleasantly overwhelmed along with the rest of her five team members. Luke, who had been really feeling it towards the end also makes his own emotional speech.

In the end both teams ended up in the same boat and high fives were shared all around. Chris describes it as a surreal feeling.

Laura says that it's an indescribable feeling and unlike anything she's ever done in her life.

The XLR for EJ and Jeff is 8.4 and the group of six has an XLR of 8.3.

"40 Days Filth and Fury" was the final installment of one of the most creative challenges posed by "Naked and Afraid." Through all of the struggles the biggest winners in this al have got to be EJ and Jeff because of their skills and resourcefulness. Another plus was their ability to stay away from drama and complete the challenge in a professional manner.

Luckily enough for the largr team, they were able to reap the benefits of EJ and Jeff's skill. Fans will have to wait to see what happens when Discovery's "Naked and Afraid" and "Naked and Afraid XL" returns next season.