'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: '40 Days Death March' Season 5 Episode 6,

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Last week on Discovery's "Naked and Afraid XL," new alliances were starting to be made and there came the emergence of two supergroups.

This week in "40 Days Death March," episode six of season five, the teams continue to fight for survival in a harsh and unforgiving environment.

In "40 Days Death March," Honora (Facebook, Instagram) not being around made Chris (Facebook) and Luke's (Facebook, Twitter) life much easier. Things were really looking up and then, they met up and joined forces with the all female team of, Dani Julien (Twitter, Instagram), Eva (Twitter, Instagram) and Laura (Twitter, to form a supergroup in order to help increase their chances of survival.

Facebook) Dani Beau (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) Alana (Facebook, Twitter) and Shane (Facebook) are continuing to avoid each other even when EJ (Facebook, Twitter) and Jeff (Facebook, Twitter) who are inserted into Roca Diablo stumble upon Shane and his former team.

EJ and Jeff notice the tension and they aren't sure they want to become a part of a group who couldn't stick together. See all the XLR's here.

The episode kicks off with a bit of foreshadowing. EJ and Jeff are stalking a huge eel that could potentially provide an immense amount of protein and it looks like encounter is really "shocking." After 21 days in Colombia the "Naked and Afraid" veterans are really facing a tough task.

They are more than halfway into the challenge and weakness and fatigue is beginning to set it. Jeff and EJ just told Shane their plans and Shane wants in but will they oblige him?

They know that there is tension between Shane, Alana and Dani B. Jeff and EJ decide to give Dani a fishing lesson before they set out and it's very successful. Shane starts talking about killing piranha's with a spear and out of nowhere Alana shoots the idea down.

Shane is tired of it and talks to EJ about it. EJ doesn't want to turn his back on Shane and allows him aboard to travel towards the piranha lakes.

EJ breaks the news to Dani B and Alana that he and Jeff will be heading out with Shane. Alana and Dani B have to stay behind because Dani is a vegetarian.

Meanwhile the all star group of Chris, Luke, Dani J., Eva and Laura are plugging along. They start using the mosquito net to catch fish and they have been having slow success getting tiny fish. They divide the tiny fish up and they realize that it's not an ideal source of protein. They think about moving out the next day.

That evening Shane is incredibly happy to be a part of the new alpha male team. By day 23 the alpha male team 2.0 heads out to find piranha lake.

Alana says she's happy that Shane is going but it might not be the last of him she fears. The guys set out watching their step every way of the seven mile journey across a dangerously hot savanna.

In Cano Verde, the supergroup is struggling on their diet of just mangoes. They realize that they need to find a new food source which means they must move towards piranha lake just like EJ, Jeff and shane. They dry out their last batch of mangoes and plot out a trail to cross the savanna.

They will most likely run into the alpha male team so that would be pretty interesting to watch. Meanwhile the guys are outpacing Shane a bit due to the fact that Shane's barely had any protein.

The ground is hard and harsh and Shane doesn't think he will make day 40 if there is no protein when they get to piranha lake. Jeff and EJ completely underestimated the heat and the dangers around him. They've covered six of the seven miles of the journey and used up all of their water.

They stumble upon an opening and even more exciting, they've found the lake. The lake is a breeding ground for dangerous electric eels, piranha, cayman and anacondas.

The alpha male group reflects on the journey they had and Shane is really emotional. They decide to set up and area above the lake to avoid predators and then find a plan for food.

Meanwhile, the Cano Verde crew is being swarmed by bees with Laura being on the receiving end of multiple bites. At piranha lake the guys are thinking about the dangers around them when suddenly they hear the sounds of a puma lurking. Jeff promises that there will be blood if any predators try to sneak up on him and his team.

On day 24, the super team in Cano verde gather up their dried mangoes and and prepare for a trek across the savanna in search for the big meal.

They are bound to run into the alpha male team 2.0 and on the way there they see anaconda and lizard tracks in the savanna.

At piranha lake, EJ, Jeff and Shane are on the hunt for food and a shelter. Shane decides to look for vines to construct a fish basket while EJ and Jeff decide to focus on the fishing line and hook. Jeff casts his hook as Shane continues to construct his fishing basket. Jeff is praying for something to take the bait when EJ spots a huge eel in the water.

They stalk the eel and try to coax it towards them. When it makes its was over, Shane spears it with a stick but has to be careful of the electricity pulsing through the eel.

Jeff gets a little shock from the eel and EJ warns him to get back.

EJ takes a shot at using the machete but is also shocked by the eel. Jeff comes back in and is shocked heavily. Shane joins the hunting party and manages to offer some assistance. They chop the eel in half and now the guys are able to eat a ton of protein.

It was a total team kill and Shane is starting to feel very wanted unlike his original teammates. Chris, Luke, Laura, Eva and Dani Julien has only made it three miles across the savanna.

They are exhausted, dehydrated and it looks like they might be a little lost as well. For one team, food has become plentiful and for another the search continues.

Shane is dying to enjoy some of the eel because he hasn't has a good meal since day one.

The guys have an incredible amount of meat for their feast after surviving multiple electrocutions.

EJ says a prayer with his teammates and as soon as it's over the super group comes in to join them. This can go really badly because what they once saw as a big eel meal may have gotten considerably smaller with their new guests.

EJ, Shane and Jeff have an XLR of 8.5, Dani and Alana have an XLR of 6.0 and the supergroup has an XLR of 7.5. With the groups meeting up Shane does not look happy and Jeff and EJ are caught very much off guard. Luke points out that there is something being cooked on the fire. EJ and the guys decide to share some of their food with the supergroup.

The supergroup leaves the alpha male camp to set up their own fire. Luke doesn't know if his group will join the guys but he does admire their kill.

Jeff is stressed out because he doesn't want people to expect him to share his kills among 10 people. They decide that moving forward they will be setting up rules so that they don't find themselves providing for another group.

Meanwhile a puma enters the camp and startles the alpha male group. They are awaken and need to stay alert. They locate it in the trees and start yelling to try to scare it off.

"40 Days Death March" the teams came deathly close to run-ins with some of the most dangerous animals in Colombia.

Are the new groups the solution to the entire survival problem or will it create bigger rifts down the line? See what happens when Discovery continues to show what happens when strangers are put out in the harsh wilderness, "Naked and Afraid."