'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Tara & Dustin' Season 5 Episode 4, 'The Swarm'

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In an all new episode of Discovery's Naked and Afraid, Tara Skubella and Dustin Hobbs strip down naked to take on the jungles of Panama and find out if they have what it takes to survive 21 days Naked and Afraid.

Tara Skubella (Facebook) is a 41-year-old, married female from Hartsel, Colorado. She (Twitter) is excited about being on Naked and Afraid and has a lot of experience with the wilderness as she lives in rural Colorado, however, she will be entering a completely different climate making it difficult to adapt.

Tara is comfortable being naked but being naked with the threat of bees all around is completely new.

Her skills include, "land navigation, water sourcing/purification, bow drill fire, plant and rock identification as well as building shelter," according to Naked and Afraid.

"She enjoys backpacking, hiking mountain peaks, snowshoeing, learning local history and geology, and just spending as much time outside as possible.

Tara also finds time to stay active in the nearby town of Buena Vista by volunteering and being part of the town's local melodrama group," according to Discovery.

Dustin Hobbs is a 30-year-old male from Grand Island, Nebraska who is ready to see if he has what it takes to survive the Naked and Afraid challenge.

His skills include, "hunting, trapping, primitive tool making, endurance, small game processing and basic first aid skills." Dustin is also from rural areas so he is comfortable in the wilderness, however, like Tara he will be introduced to a new climate and new world of predators.

"From a young age, Hobbs was immersed in the outdoors.

His father grew up in the rural areas of Missouri, where one routinely had to hunt for their dinner meal. Dustin's father passed these skills and enthusiasm on to his sons," according to Discovery.

Tara starts the 21 day challenge with a PSR of 6.8 and Dustin begins with a PSR of 6.1. After the contestants strip down, they are nervous about the killer bees in the area.

The meeting is brief and the team jumps right into their bags to find out what each other brought along.

Dustin brought a metal pot and Tara brought along a bow drill fire starter. They have to survive a dense jungle filled with crocodiles, cockroaches and swarms of killer Africanized bees and sand flies.

The teammates get acquainted as they wade through the jungle and Tara is happy know to that Dustin is a hunter. They find a tree to create a shelter near the river. Dustin doesn't appreciate nature but Tara wants to consider mother nature as her friend.

Tara is already having an encounter with small bugs burrowing into her skin. Dustin hopes they don't turn into rashes or reactions. At night they are visited by huge cockroaches and decide to get out of the shelter.

They are sitting on top of a rock in the middle of the stream because of the cockroaches. They wait there until sunrise and in the morning they are covered in bug bites. They decide to build their bedding above ground. Their bed actually crumbles when they lay on it.

They decide to take it easy and get a fire started to boil some water. Dustin is taking a nap while Tara works on the fire.

When Dustin can get comfortable, he helps Tara with the drill, however, it's proving very difficult. They decide to drink water right out from the stream.

They try the above ground bedding but still seem to get huge cockroaches visiting them. Tara and Dustin go scouting around for food the next day. They discover some nut fruits and are careful around the Africanized killer bees.

Tara decides to wait for Dustin until she begins having her first meal. When he returns he tells Tara that he doesn't see any animals.

Tara is very positive while Dustin seems more pessimistic. Tara is covered in bug bites but Dustin does not show as much irritation or infection.

The team tries to start a fire once again and they manage to get it going. Dustin scouts for food while Tara monitors the fire. He builds a snare-trap and that night the team notices a killer bees nest near their camp. They are concerned about their well-being but survive the night.

The next morning Tara stays at camp while Dustin takes off to check his snare and lounge around. Tara makes a shrimp basket to test her luck. Tara lost her confidence in Dustin because he sleeps most of the day.

Dustin is discerned because he hasn't caught anything. Tara seems to be very proactive in her approach and returns not only empty-handed but to a fire-less camp.

Tara becomes emotional and complains about her partner being a dud.

Dustin says he should've stayed awake and Tara decides to have a chat with Dustin over the workload and letting the fire go out.

Dustin admits to being selfish the past couple of days and Tara breaks down, but Dustin seems to understand completely.

The team is able to start a fire again and by day 14 they still haven't had any food. Tara managed to catch a shrimp for dinner and they enjoy the little bite of shrimp. At night the sand flies are relentless and Tara is having another reaction to the bites. The next morning she is in tears and covered in bites.

She says that she is in immense pain and has to ask Dustin to help her spread ash on her skin to cool and soothe the pain. Hobbs takes over and tries to hunt for animals.

Dustin finds a huge termite nest and they boil them up. Tara's bites begin to heal but by day 19 they haven't had any substantial protein.

Tara has lost an incredible amount of weight and looks very skinny. Just then, they spot a huge snake moving in the grass and move in for the kill. Dustin kills the boa and they have a ton of meat before extraction. They roast the meat and chow down. On extraction day the team is together but Dustin has been stung by one bee.

He seems to be fine so they decide to continue on. They cross a river and they make it across without encountering crocodiles.

They find the ocean and their ride home. Dustin and Tara have survived the 21 day Naked and Afraid challenge. Tara finishes with a PSR of 7.6 and Dustin finishes with a 6.1 PSR.

"The Swarm" was a bit difficult to watch. Tara really struggled and constantly broke down.

It is always hard to see someone have that much of a reaction however, Discovery still managed to bring the episode home. Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.

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