'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Stacey and Lee' Season 5 Episode 4, 'From The Ashes'

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Another week and another team battles the Wilderness is Discovery's Naked and Afraid. Stacey Osorio and Lee Trew will get naked and team up to see if they can survive 21 days in Croatia, Naked and Afraid.

Stacey Osorio (Facebook) is a 35-year-old female from Stites, Idaho and she is looking to see if she can tough it out for 21 days in the nude. She is a single, field data technician and biology student. She begins with a PSR of 6.2.

She is into survival and in the competition for her children. Stacey doesn't think spending the time naked is a good idea at first, however, she admits that we are all animals and that we weren't meant to have all of the amenities that we do.

She strips down and gets ready to meet her partner. Her skills include, "shelter building, field plant identification, tracking and snare implementation."

"Stacey was born and raised in Southern California.

Eventually, too many people and lack of resources drove the desire to move to a new location with more nature.

She moved to a town in rural Idaho with a relatively low population and continued her academic pursuits in the biological sciences," according to Discovery.

Lee Trew (Website 1, 2) is a 33-year-old male from Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia. He is married and words as a survival/ReWilding mentor. He begins with a PSR of 7.6.

After losing his daughter, he is looking for a way to provide hope for all. He doesn't seem too put off by the idea of being naked but does say that it can be hard meeting someone naked for the first time.

He is ready to take on a whole new challenge with a naked stranger. His skills include "primitive bushcraft, physical conditioning, eco-literacy, and self-development."

"Lee is part man, part monkey. A philosopher, gymnast, storyteller, survivalist.

(Sort of like a mutant love child of Tarzan, Russell Brand, Bruce Lee and Peter Pan.) Growing up, he always felt a bit like a wild animal.

School and home were cages, whereas outdoors was where life really happened," according to Discovery.

The meeting is pretty pleasant but very awkward given the conditions. They both agree that they are looking to stay alive and Lee thinks Stacey is a warrior woman. They have a hand-drill, Stacey brought a Nepalese knife and Lee has a pot. Stacey already thinks her partner is "rad." They gather the map and look towards an area down river for shelter.

They begin their trek to an area that will be swarming with hogs and jackals. They mud up to protect themselves from the sun. The extreme heat will cause them to lose a lot of sweat.

They reach a shaded area near water and realize that it's swamp water. Lee is pretty excited about all of the fish jumping around and they decide to set up shelter there. They first have to get a fire going and just when Lee thinks he has got it, the flame does not emit.

Lee is taken back and Stacey is concerned about not having fire.

Lee is persistent and continues to try his hand-drill technique but it begins blistering his hand. Stacey is not good with a hand-drill and Lee thought it would be his comfort zone, however, his hands are badly blistered.

Lee returns after a short walk and looks to give it another go. Stacey asks Lee if he is okay and Lee says he is but he feels like an idiot for pushing through. They don't know where to go from here. Lee comes with an idea that will help them get through the mosquitoes.

He decides that they should skip water and fire and move on to Shelter. Stacey is skeptical about their priorities at the moment and she does not like sleeping underground without fire or water.

In the evening, Lee wakes up at the sounds of the jackals. Both Lee and Stacey are pretty creeped out and later on they are attacked by mosquitoes which means little sleep.

In the evening Lee reveals that his 3-year-old daughter that died from cancer. He says she was on a life-support machine and becomes pretty emotional when telling the story. He tells Stacey most of the time he can tell the story and not cry but the conditions they are under makes it hard.

Stacey is there to console her partner and they make it through the night. Stacey says she couldn't imagine losing one of her kids.

Lee feels much better the next day. He and Stacey need to get water into their system before severe dehydration sets in. Together, Lee and Stacey make fire using the hand-drill and they now have an upper-hand in the challenge. They enjoy some purified water thanks to their fire and prepare to find food.

Lee creates a fish trap to see if they can score food. By day four, Lee decides to check his fish trap and he finds a little guy.

He presents Stacey with their tiny meal and the team seems to be looking up.

They make a nettle and fish soup with their items, however, things go wrong when the boiling water spills on to Stacey during her nap. She cries out for Lee.

Lee rushes over to Stacey and yells out for a medic. He holds Stacey until they arrive and they tell him that they have to take her. He hugs her incase he doesn't see her again. Lee feels bad about what happened. The medics have to decide if it is safe for her to carry on.

Stacey is extremely emotional and in extreme pain. She doesn't want to leave the challenge and Lee doesn't believe they will let Stacey back in. He becomes overcome with emotion.

The team doctor tells Stacey she should go to the hospital but Stacey says she wants to stay in the challenge.

She is a fighter and she is not ready or willing to give up. She wants to complete this challenge for her kids.

Stacey returns and Lee couldn't be happier to see her. She has to keep her wound from being infected and she should be fine. Night falls and the jackals are out.

Their night calls scare Lee and Stacey but they make it to day five. Lee is excited about all of the night antics.

Stacey really wants to get some food into her and Lee knows that they need to get food for her to feel better. Stacey is in pain and thinks they need a much larger source of food.

Lee ventures out to they water to check his trap. He checks the trap and something catches his attention. In his trap he finds a substantially big fish. He cuts it open and they realize that it's a fresh fish.

They have another meal of nettle and fish stew but this time it is much more substantial. After the meal, Stacey decides to find a way to keep her wound clean.

In the evening, her wound begins to hurt pretty bad but she toughs it out to day seven. She uses moss to help her wound that is very serious.

On day eight the pain is too much and she has to call the medics once again. Her wound was infected and the only hope is for her to leave. She is at a huge disadvantage and realizes she has to leave the challenge. She is disappointed and ashamed realizing that she could have made it but can't because of her wound.

Lee and Stacey have a final moment where he assures her that she has completed the challenge. He dedicates the rest of the challenge to Stacey.

Lee is really struggling with losing his partner but on day nine, Lee is using all of his emotions to get him through the challenge.

By day 12, he hasn't eaten much and he is starting to feel stir-crazy. On day 17 Lee still isn't doing well and by day 18 his body starts tapping into his energy reserves and his emotions are getting the best of him. He sobs alone in Croatia with his partner Stacey to motivate him. It is day 20 and after his big emotional release, Lee realizes that it might be time for him to heal from everything, including his daughter's death.

He wants to be a dad again for another child. On extraction day, Lee lets out a howl and reflects around a huge fire. He then sets out for the extraction point on the Danube river.

Lee is facing a risk of developing hypothermia as the temperature dips to 58 degrees fahrenheit. He pushes on and uses deep breathing to get his body temperature up again. He is feeling fearful of what can happen if it gets colder but he can see a clearing up ahead.

He has made it to the extraction point, however, he will have to swim to the deeper end in cold and rough water.

He begins his swim and the rescue boat is in his sites. He makes his way to the boat and has completely the 21 day challenge Naked and Afraid. He says he would do it all over again with his wife.

Stacey finishes with a PSR of 6.2 and Lee finishes with a PSR of 8.4.

"From The Ashes" is a very fitting titled for this episode. Stacey and Lee really had their work cut out for them in Croatia.

It's another exotic location notched in the belt of two fine contestants who were up for the challenge presented to them on Discovery's Naked and Afraid.

Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.

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