'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Robin & Brandon' Season 4 Episode 8, 'Garden of Evil'

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In one of the wildest episodes of Discovery's "Naked and Afraid" yet, Robin Barber and Brandon Dix get naked and attempt to take on a mysterious island in Mexico housing all sorts of dangers in episode eight of season 4.

Robin (Facebook) is a 33-year-old U.S. Coast Guard Nurse, reservist for the U.S. Air Force and student who is nervous about the challenge ahead of her.

However, she has a plethora of survival skills many of which came through survival challenges from the Air Force.

She says that she is very passive in a team experience but she hopes that the experience will be a moment for her to step up to the plate.

Robin will begin the challenge with a primitive survival rating of 6.9.

Her skills include, "Health and Wellness knowledge (healing plant remedies) in the wild, Medical first aid and EMT, fire making and water sourcing," according to her Discovery Bio.

She (No Instagram) is also married and says that she feels awkward even being naked with her husband so 21 days being naked with a stranger is going to be pretty rough.

Brandon (Facebook) is a 28-year-old Navy veteran who now works as and animal control officer. The Jonesboro, Arkansas native spent five years in the Navy and is now looking to test his might on a dangerous and unforgiving island.

Brandon (Discovery Bio) says that he spent almost every day hunting and fishing from the age of 10.

He (No Instagram) Account) wants to find out who he really is and what he's capable of on "Naked and Afraid." He's sacrificed his job to appear on the show and is leaving behind his two sons and his wife during the trip.

He will be starting his journey with a primitive survival rating of 6.8 due to his hunting, fishing and tracking skills, along with his time spent in the Navy.

He has no problem being naked and even says that in high school he was the one out of the rest of his friends that was always naked.

The meeting wasn't too awkward and it looks like Robin and Brandon are here to get this mission completed as a team. Robin has the map and it gives them two options. Either they bunk somewhere high or they travel through the groves into the the shore area.

Robin tells Brandon to take the lead and she is pretty happy with her partner so far. The mangroves are a nightmare for them to travel through and they come across a poisonous Chin-Chin tree.

If they are caught by the sap, they could face terrible burning and blisters.

They make it to a possible area but decide to move towards the beach. They travel through waters infested with pit vipers but they managed to get to the beach front. Brandon already spots tracks from one of the islands two big cats, the jaguar and the panther.

They finally pick a spot to settle and even score some coconuts.

Building a fire was easy but the first night they are visited by a dangerous predator. Circling their camp was a panther that stopped right in front of the camp before taking off.

They begin working on their shelter but realize that they built it under one of the poisonous Chin-Chin trees. The sap can cause black holes in your skin from the affects of the sap that is comparable to acid. Brandon is a victim of the sap and already begins to have blisters.

The EMT has to check Brandon's skin and rubs some cream on him to prevent him from further infection. The blisters are affecting Brandon when it comes to building the new shelter.

His infection is getting worst and Brandon is feeling pain down to his joints. He's even having an allergic reaction because of his poison allergy. Brandon doesn't want to tap out and has to receive two shots.

He has to take some rest after succumbing to the Chin-Chin sap.

Robin is prepared to take on the challenge alone even with her coconut bra. Brandon joked about having to find bigger coconuts because the one he found were tool small.

They begin the search for food with Robin casting a fish basket. Brandon says that he's in the most pain he's ever been in. Robin has to step up and do the brunt of the work.

It looks like Brandon is fighting to urge to tap out of the challenge. He is scared that his body won't heal and he's continuing to hinder Robin.

He is wavering on the decision but says he needs to think of his health first.

When Robin finds out that Brandon wants to tap she is very encouraging and tells him it will be painful but the saltwater will help.

She asks Brandon to try one more night and if he feels the same tomorrow he can make the call. Robin wants him to stay because they are a team and they should stick together.

She sets out to find an antidote for the Chin-Chin burns on Brandon's skin.

Brandon begins rubbing the nectar from the plant on his skin and already feels it working. By the next day, he looks like he's feeling much better and does not want to give up.

A big storm moves in and the two contestants hope they can get through the ongoing rain. The rain is threatening their fire and there looks to be no end in sight. The two begin conserving as much energy as possible and keep their fire going.

Robin hates being cold and wet and their fire has already gone out. She isn't feeling too well and now Brandon has to step up and help his teammate.

The wind has knocked their shelter over and it leaves their fire exposed.

They manage to keep their fire going but it finally went out on the next day. Robin can't handle being cold and wet but Brandon says as long as they are together they can get through it.

The team medic has to be called in to check the body temperatures of Robin and Brandon.

The team is trying to keep them warm but one week shy of completing the challenge, Robin and Brandon become the first team in "Naked and Afraid" history to tap out together.

Brandon and Robin finished off the challenge with a PSR of 6.1 because of their failure to complete the challenge.

"Garden of Evil" was one of the biggest tests ever on this season of "Naked and Afraid." Robin and Brandon had to battle the elements, poisonous sap and a pretty scary encounter with a panther in Cayo Venado. There are real risks that come with these challenges and it was intense to watch these two fight through it all.

Unfortunately they were unable to complete the mission and etched their names in some negative "Naked and Afraid" history. Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.