'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Nicole & Angel' Season 5 Episode 10, 'Bad Blood'

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The Discovery Naked and Afraid season continues with Nicole Terry and Angel Rodriguez stripping naked in the lake beds of Nicaragua to see if they can survive 21 days with just a couple of tools.

Nicole Terry (Facebook) is a 27-year-old female from Hanover, Massachusetts. She is a nursing student and is currently in a relationship. She (Twitter) says she has no problem with being naked and even pointed out that her parents don't know she walks around naked in her backyard when they aren't home.

Nicole (Instagram) is serious about the challenge and says the only way you are going to get her out of Nicaragua is in a body bag.

Her skills include, "shelter building, cold weather survival, water purification, gutting/skinning and wild edibles. She will begin with a PSR of 5.9.

"As a lifelong tomboy, Nicole has been told by many that she is the "son her father never had." Upon entering high school, she enrolled in outward bound programs exposing her to the fundamentals of fire building, land navigation, shelter building, trapping, and wilderness first-aid," according to Discovery.

Angel Rodriguez is a 37-year-old male from Santa Cruz, California. Angel is married and he is actually a survivalist.

He seems pretty prepared for his journey quickly getting into it with a thorn that lands in his foot the first step he took. His skills include being a "master improviser." He will begin the challenge with a PSR of 7.3.

"The nomadic life also exposed Angel to a wide variety of cultures and habitats, resulting in a deep love for nature.

He became a devout boy scout and found his love for nature to provide him with comfort and a sense of home and belonging," according to Discovery.

Angel says his ideal partner is someone who knows what their doing. Meanwhile, Nicole does not like laziness.

They meet and it's pretty civilized as they both are hoping that they don't have too much trouble with building a fire.

They grab their bags and the map to plot their course along the river. They are in the middle of a pretty bad drought making the terrain extra rough.

The droughts have forced the wildlife into a pretty competitive spot. They need to watch out for rattlesnakes and cayman. The team have more trouble with the thorny terrain than anything.

Angel asks Nicole if she needs help and comes up to pull the thorn out.

Angel says he thought his partner would be rougher. Eventually they come up to a lake however, it is nearly completely barren and the water looks unhealthy.

Angel begins testing the water to see if there are any cayman or other wildlife. There are dead animals all over the water and they really need to purify it. Nicole works on the fire while Angel works on the shelter.

Nicole is getting aggravated with trying to create the fire. She says she has had success at home and blames the fire starter than she was provided with. Angel is already worried.

Angel finds a dry nest in a try and chops it down to try and and help Nicole. When she can't get the fire started, Angel takes over and there is fire. He is still scared about drinking the water even though they are purifying it.

They taste the water and Angel says it tastes really good. They enjoy their water out of a leaf and Angel gathers up more wood for the fire.

Nicole says she believes they need more water before they do anything else, leaving Angel to finish off the work. That night Nicole is driven crazy by ants. She wants to work on a raised platform but Angel says that they will still bother them.

Angel can't find any food so Nicole is ready to get the raised platform going. Angel really doesn't want to waste his time with a raised bed. He decides to make a mat first.

Angel and Nicole aren't really working together and Angel is stuck doing a lot of the work. He is on the 6th water run of the day.

Angel goes to hunt food while Nicole stays back to make sure the fire is still going and just incase something stumbles into the base.

His hunt is successful when he finds a giant iguana. Angel is poking fun at Nicole's mental state and it worsens as she takes a ton of time to skin and clean the iguana.

They enjoy the white flaky meat and they feel a bit normal for a day. On day six, Nicole is not feeling great. Angel tries to make her feel better by telling her she doesn't have to prove anything to anyone.

In the mid conversation, Nicole is stung by a scorpion and has to get up. Nicole immediately blames it on not have a platform bed. Thankfully the scorpion sting isn't deadly.

Angel is missing his family who have sacrificed a lot for him to live out his survivalists dreams. He is trying to work on a fish trap. Nicole is giving input but Angel is shutting it down.

He sets the trap and realizes that the water is drying out faster and faster.

On day 8 Nicole and Angel decide to pack up and find a new home. Nicole is having more trouble with the thorns and realizes she could be slowing Angel down.

Angel is hitting her in the back of Nicole's foot with the staff. Nicole is upset and says she has been conditioned to take breaks and pace herself. She is not a maverick.

Thankfully, they come across a much larger lake.

The negative part of finding this water is that there are cayman inhabiting the whole lake. They jump in anyway and take a quick swim which is like walking on a dangerous side.

Now, Angel gets back to working again as Nicole hangs out. They share some water and things are clearly awkward between them. On day nine, Nicole suggests a regular shelter.

Angel says he is not holding her back from building a shelter. Nicole says she was waiting to see what Angel was made of first.

Angel is fine without a shelter but Nicole is really finding it to be a necessity.

That evening clouds set in and so does the the attitudes towards each other. Angel feels like Nicole is pushing him and Nicole snaps back saying that she is tired of people thinking she grew up as a spoiled little kid.

Nicole says people like that drive her insane. Angel approaches the producers on what to do if Nicole becomes violent. They are back at camp together and Nicole says Angel can run but he can't hide.

Nicole looks as if she is ready for a standoff but says it took every ounce of energy not to hit Angel. She says she didn't have a maid and she wasn't expecting the low-blow. Angel apologizes for the low-blow and says they should move on and progress.

On day 10 Angel says they have no time for bickering. He knows they need protein because of the signs from his body. Angel creates a figure four trap.

The trap is pretty intricate and Angel hopes to catch a cayman with it. They next day he decides to check the trap which was knocked down. There is nothing there but Angel has his eyes set on turtles.

Nicole is ready to go hunting as well and they venture into the water cautiously. There are cayman around them and out of nowhere, Nicole grabs a turtle.

When she tries to clean the turtle off in the water, she is clawed at he gets away. Angel has to help her out and Nicole is already blaming Angel for water the turtle washed off more.

Nicole says they are both at fault but Angel tells them they shouldn't point fingers.

He is insulted that she says it is his fault and she apologizes. Nicole asks Angel if he if she should tap out and let him do it alone.

Angel tells Nicole that she couldn't survive on her own and it really starts to sink in for her. She says she was not ready for the challenge.

Nicole returns to her partner and apologizes for the way she was acting.

Angel says that he isn't trying to push her, he is trying to lift her up.

Nicole decides to make the best of the time they have left and prove to Angel she is the strong person she knows she is.

Nicole begins to pitch in a lot and Angel is really excited for their team as a whole. Angel sees the growth and appreciates the extra effort from his partner.

During the day Nicole finds a snake shedding then meets up with a boa in strike mode. She creeps up on it and it strikes the staff.

Nicole succeeds in killing a huge boa for their meal. Together they prep the snake and thanks the animal that died for them to get nutrients for extraction day.

On day 21, Angel takes in the sunrise and is excited to get back home to his family.

They find their course and decide to try and avoid the dangers that await them. They begin the giant hike looking out for snakes and spiders.

They avoid some dangerous spiders and then wade through the thorns. Angel is hit by a thorn and has to pull it out so that he can walk pain free.

They continue the hike and even Angel is getting frustrated. They finally reach the road and together Nicole and Angel have completed the Naked and Afraid challenge. Nicole finishes with a PSR of 6.1 and Angel finishes with a PSR of 8.1.

"Bad Blood" continues what could be one of Discovery's best seasons of Naked and Afraid. Nicole and Angel had a lot to go through and it's really interesting to see how their personalities clashed.

Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.

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