'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Kristin & Paolo' Season 4 Episode 10 'Easier Said Than Done'

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Last weeks team up on Discovery's "Naked and Afraid" were legendary this week Kristin Young and Paolo Di Girolamo, winners of the #ShowUsWhatYouGot "Naked and Afraid" contest, will strip down and try to survive the jungle of Nicaragua, in episode 11 of season four.

Kristin Young (Facebook) is still in shock that she is actually competing in the "Naked and Afraid" challenge for the season finale. She is a 32-year-old female from Mt. Gilead, Ohio and works as an oncology nurse.

She (Twitter) says she is prepared for the challenge but when it comes to her skills she's between 45-50%.

She will be starting with a PSR of 3.6 which according to Discovery is in the novice range. Her ability to keep high stamina and positivity might be the key to her success in the challenge.

"Kristin is a super fan of 'Naked And Afraid,' which she watches constantly with her family," according to Discovery.

Her skills include, "hunting, tracking, can function on little sleep and is strong-willed." This challenge is unlike anything she's ever done.

Paolo Di Girolamo (Facebook) is also shocked that he's been granted with the ability to compete on "Naked and Afraid." He is a 26-year-old from Stoughton, Massachusetts who works as a Neurological Specialist. He's (Twitter) proud to be on the show and says it's huge for him.

He wants to make it a validating experience for him. He's been given an initial PSR of 4.2 going into the challenge.

"Since his childhood, Paolo has been making the outdoors his home. Growing up in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, his parents would bring him and his younger brother, Anthony, camping during school vacations," according to Discovery.

His skills include, "leadership skills, outdoor emergency care, foraging, tool building, animal and plant identification." All of which should really help in a tough situation.

Things get really awkward after the Kristin and Paolo get naked. Kristin even apologizes to her parents before heading over to meet Paolo. The meeting is incredibly awkward and they spoke about the video which got all of the contestants introduced. They then head over to find a space for shelter.

They've both been given survival lessons prior to the insertion. They both brought a fishing line and fire-starter. They are also equipped with machetes and a map. They check out the map and head towards the water.

They get to know each other and they realize that Kristin might not have a high skill set. Paolo is pretty concerned early on but not heavily concerned. They walk through the forest rigged with Chin Chin trees and insects.

Paolo didn't expect to be put in such a harsh area. Kristin and her partner gingerly make their way through the jungle.

They find an area with a waterfall and Kristin is taking in the scenery. They find an area where small crabs are dwelling so they know there is food around.

They seem to be on the same page when it comes to where they want to set up shelter. However, being so close to the waterfall makes them susceptible to predators on their way to water and food. Kristin actually called the machete a bayonet but Paolo brushes it off.

She already sees a bit of an alpha male in Paolo but says she will wait a few days before she says something about it.

Paolo is not happy with the shelter and things get weird when they huddle into their shelter. The first night they can already hear something rustling outside of their tent.

The next day Paolo makes a spear because he is nervous about the animals they heard walking around the night before. Kristin says she was on alert the entire night and they decide to start building a fire. They find an area they want to turn into a fire pit.

When Kristin starts pushing done the starter in a weird manner her corrects her but they struggle a bit to get the fire going. Paolo gets really frustrated and Kristin laughs it off a bit.

They stopped trying to start the fire and concentrated on getting water to hydrate themselves. They find the falls and Paolo decides to try the water. He okays the water for Kristin but she's going to wait to see how it effects him the next day. They find a tiny frog to cook but Paolo loses it when the frog slips him.

He's upset about it because he feels it's one less opportunity for them to eat. Kristin is feeling sick and dizzy which carries over into the night.

The next day, Paolo is perfecting fine and Kristin realizes that she's severely dehydrated and needs to drink from the falls.

It's still not the best idea but it's the only way of hydration for them at the moment and they can only hope they don't get sick.

There still isn't fire for the third night and by day four they are very cold. They decide to start the fire, however, they finally get it despite Kristin rolling her eyes a few time at Paolo's directions. Paolo decides to try hunting for some food and these fans are doing okay so far.

He checks pockets for crabs loses a lot of battles. He also runs into a dangerous coral snake. Paolo and the snake battle it out and he severs the snake to bring back a portion for cooking.

Kristin is terrified that Paolo came back with a poisonous snake. She asks him if he's sure that he wasn't bitten. Kristin sees it as a huge risk but is still thankful for the meat he was able to bring them. They worry about overcooking the snake and Paolo is not afraid of taking risks.

They team has gotten lucky with meals but Kristin and Paolo are still in the need of more food. The two work on making box traps and Kristin is struggling.

Paolo is annoyed that Kristin is downplaying the fishing rod that he really brought to try to catch food. They have a different mindset and could pose some trouble.

The bird trap has been giving both Paolo and Kristin a really hard time. Kristin continues to comment about the beauty of the environment while Paolo continues to struggling with the trap. There is food all around the team but Paolo doesn't seem to be getting much help from Kristin.

He intends on confronting her about helping out and Kristin is starting to miss her family. As they hunt for crabs, Paolo gets a little annoyed with her constant nonchalant attitude.

He tries bringing up the work ethic with Kristin and she takes it in an annoyed manner. Kristin says she wants to help more and successfully crafts a box trap.

By day 11 the lack of food is starting to affect them. The frustrations continue to set in, especially with Paolo who knows he missed another chance to get food letting a lizard escape. Starvation starts to set in and Paolo collapses. Kristin asks him if he's okay and Paolo says that he lost his balance for a second.

She realizes that something isn't right with Paolo and they are just one day off of the extraction. Both Paolo and Kristin are severely malnourished but hope comes in the form of a decent sized bird.

Kristin has come through with food for her team and the food couldn't come at a better time.

The night before extraction, Kristin and Paolo are feeling better. On extraction day they have to climb about 500 feet in elevation to meet their ticket out at the highest point. They begin their journey and Kristin jokes about how bad Paolo's armpit smells.

The hike doesn't seem too bad but Kristin starts feeling a bit tired. She has to stop so that she can catch her breath and apologizes to Paolo who is concerned for her safety.

They find and open area and thy've made it to the extraction area. The fans have survived "Naked and Afraid." Kristin finishes with a PSR of 4.4 and Paolo finishes with a PSR of 5.1.

"Easier Said Than Done" was a pretty epic episode in itself. Wow the fans really got a taste of how real the experience is on Discovery's "Naked and Afraid." Working together is always bringing tests to each team that enters and this time was nothing out of the ordinary.

It was a great episode that brings some more reality aspect into it. Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.