'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Kim & Gary' Season 4 Episode 12, 'Forsaken'

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After a strenuous Naked and Afraid XL challenge, Discovery's Naked and Afraid is back with Kim Kelly and Gary Underhill, get naked and take on the unforgiving dangers that await them in Panama in episode 12 of season four.

Kim Kelly is a 23-year-old baker from Moab, Utah who is ready to take on all the wilderness has to dish out in Panama. Kim (No Instagram) is pretty open but is both nervous and excited for the challenge.

There will be obvious areas of tension between Kim (Facebook) and her partner but it's going to be interesting to see if they can work out their differences and complete the challenge.

According to her Naked and Afraid bio, Kim's (No Twitter) skills are "primitive cooking, mental toughness, survival and grit."

"While Kim considers herself a loner, she enjoys people and learning about herself.

She believes that completing the Naked And Afraid challenge will help her make amends with herself and become a better person. She's especially committed to survival because she believes that it will be important in the future," according to Discovery.

Kim's partner is Gary Underhill, a 52-year-old tactical/defensive firearm instructor from Reno, Nevada. Gary (No Facebook) is married and seems pretty optimistic about his challenge in Panama.

He has had a lot of experience in team work from being en ex-police officer, as well as his time serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Gary (No Instagram) knows that it is important not to let your team down or leave a man behind.

According to his Naked and Afraid bio, Gary's (Twitter) skills include, "primitive shelter building, back country and desert backpacking and camping, desert survival trained and water purification."

"Gary has had a love for and fascination with the outdoors since he was a child growing up in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona.

As a boy scout, Gary learned winter survival skills in the mountains of Northern Arizona, learning how to obtain food and build snow shelters," according to Discovery.

During the first introduction there is nothing weird about it and they get the awkwardness of being naked out of the way with a hug. They're both ready to take on Panama and will have to battle personal issues involving cuddling, having a useful skill-set and much more.

On San Jose Island Kim and Gary will have to battle, wild boar, cayman, sand flies and a whole world of other dangerous animals. Kim will start with a PSR of 6.2 and Gary will start with a PSR of 7.1.

Gary brought a battle axe and Kim has decided to bring a homemade bow-drill. The two get acquainted on the walk to find a spot for shelter. Kim does not like authority and says that she will not tolerate Gary if he asserts his authority.

They agree that the water around them doesn't look very safe for them to drink and once they get settled they start working on a shelter. Gary thinks that he and Kim will click and it seems as if Gary is very confident in his faith, which doesn't really bode well with KIm.

Kim can't seem to start a fire with a bow-drill and admits she's only used it twice.

Gary is frustrated after hearing that and finally says that they will have to make due for the night because they've been working all day.

On night one they struggle to get comfortable and later on in the evening they hear something moving around outside their shelter. Both Gary and Kim are nervous and in a creepy twist a large tarantula crawls on the wall of their shelter. After a rough night Gary needs water and he is still disappointed in Kim's skills with the bow-drill. Gary is thinking of drinking the water from the creek even though he knows it's a huge risk to his health.

After drinking the water Gary says that he feels absolutely fine. Water problem solved. However, there is still the matter of staying warm. Gary knows that Kim's bow-drill was the wrong choice for their team and it's holding them back.

That night Kim and Gary are very cold and uncomfortable. Kim decides to ask Gary if he'd like to cuddle to stay warm but he shoots the idea down. Gary says that it was a horrendous night and he was shivering and burning calories. Kim approaches him about the cuddling situation and she says they need the sacrifice. She says it won't go anywhere but Gary says that being that close to someone other than his wife, is unnatural.

Gary gets a little angry and says that he doesn't expect her to understand but he does expect her to respect his values. He says that despite the difference he won't leave her behind because that's not what he does. Gary also gets on Kim for bringing a skill-set that is minimal.

It causes Kim to get emotional and Gary says that she has no skill-sets to bring to the table. Kim has to do a bit of reflection and self-motivation before giving the fire another shot.

After perseverance and lots of hard word, Kim is able to make a fire and when Gary sees it, all he can say is "I'll be damned." Both partners are ecstatic and Gary says that he's very proud of her for the gigantic victory. The team has to collect a lot of wood but Gary is finding it hard to keep up and he attests that to his age. He hits a wall and asks for a medic immediately.

It doesn't look good for Gary who seems very lethargic. The medic says that he is malnourished and lacks minerals.

The medics also advise him not to complete the remaining 17 days of the challenge and Gary breaks down. He apologizes to Kim for letting her down and now Gary has tapped out.

Kim is really scared and gets very emotional, however, she says that it's going to be hard but she's not quitting. The first night on her own, Kim is being eaten up by bugs and it's really getting to her. She realizes that her shelter isn't protecting her from the bugs but keeping them inside. The next day, Kim gets back to work and knocks down the shelter to build a new one.

Unfortunately she made more work for herself. Kim is out searching for food and finds a coconut.

She breaks it open but doesn't like what's inside of it.

She's pretty disappointed but on day six she finds a palm tree filled with coconuts. She starts the process all over again and spills some of the water but she managed to save some.

In the evening Kim hears all sorts of wildlife around her and she sees boars trying to come into her camp. She immediately starts screaming at them to try to intimidate them. It appeared to have worked but Kim admits she was scared. She didn't get much rest as a result of that. She decides to make a snare-trap catch some food.

As she walks over to check her trap the next day she notices that her bait is gone and the trap was not set off. Kim decides to repeat the process but after five days and nights she can't seem to catch anything.

Her emotions take over and Kim begins to miss her daughter who always cheers her up when she's crying.

After a good cry session she stumbles upon a smaller cayman and successfully kills it, however, she feels horrible for killing it so brutally.

Kim is doing exceptionally well on her own and she can feel the protein from the animal being broken down by her body. The sandflies are relentlessly stinging her and she used urine and soot from the fire to cover her body. When she wakes up she realizes that the pigs are at the trap and she actually managed to catch one. She struggles with the decision to kill the pig and ends up letting the little guy go, By extraction day Kim is pumped to get out of Panama and see her daughter.

She finds the journey very difficult and her energy level is dropping significantly. She also manages to run into a big boa and gingerly maneuvers around it.

Kim reachers the extraction point and she has completed the challenge all on her own. It's definitely one of the most impressive episodes yet. Kim finishes a PSR of of 7.0 and Gary's PSR dropped to 5.3.

"Forsaken" is another intense episode of Discovery's hit show, Naked and Afraid. Tempers did get a bit high and emotions were undoubtedly evident and the team had to put a lot of personal issues asides.

Eventually Kim had to trek it all alone but she was incredible impressive.

Kim is one of those contestants you want to have on you're team if you're in a Naked and Afraid XL challenge. Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.