'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Kacie & Aaron' Season 5 Episode 5, All Falls Down

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As Discovery's Naked and Afraid returns, two new contestants, Kacie Cleveland and Aaron Phillips team up and strip down naked to see if they can survive the 21 day challenge in the jungles of Belize.

Kacie Cleveland (Facebook) is a 29-year-old female from Bellingham, Washington. Kacie (Instagram) is married and works as an athletic trainer. She is looking to complete the 21 day Naked and Afraid challenge.

As a trainer, Kacie (Twitter) knows how to push herself so the challenge will continue to show just how much Kacie pushes her skills.

Her skills include, "fishing and shelter building," however the Naked and Afraid challenge is much more than that. She begins with a PSR of 4.8.

"Kacie grew up camping often with her family. They had contests for who could pack the lightest bag and support themselves off the land with food, water, and shelter.

She then took an academic approach to survival, including college courses. She is great at fishing and building shelter from anything," according to Discovery.

Aaron Phillips (Twitter) is a 37-year-old male from Orlando, Florida. He is a multifaceted worker balancing being a stay-at-home dad, business development strategist , writer and outdoor guide.

He (Facebook) is looking to complete the 21 day Naked and Afraid challenge and show everyone that anything is possible.

His skill-set seems much wider and it includes, "making fire, sourcing water and food and shelter building." He begins with a PSR of 6.6.

"Aaron is a third-generation Florida native.

At age five, he and his father joined the YMCA-sponsored Indian Guides (now known as Adventure Guides) and together they learned about Native-American life and survival skills in the southeast United States.

Growing up in Florida allowed him the opportunity to experience diverse environments including coastal, freshwater and upland systems," according to Discovery.

The contestants stripped off their clothes and got ready to meet each other. Belize's dangerous environment includes falling trees, snakes, wild boar and jaguars. Aaron jokes that it isn't the first time he will be naked in front of someone he doesn't know. When they finally meet it does not seem awkward and they vow not to let each other quit.

They jump right into their bags. With them they have a map, a net and a machete.

They also share a fire starter. They have to bushwhack through jaguar territory in order to get to higher ground. They get to know each other as they make their way to their spot.

Aaron feels comfortable while Kacie admits to fearing most animals. They can hear the howler monkeys in the trees above them and decide to keep it moving. They come up on a lagoon and he sees a lot of minnows in the water. They decide to push on a little bit and Kacie is showing just how scare of the snakes she is.

Aaron doesn't want to sleep on the ground and finds two trees that could be a potential home. Aaron decides to try to start a fire but it's not working out.

They decide to gather material for their shelter and it's coming along well until the machete starts getting jagged. They decide to take a break and work smart, not hard.

At night, Aaron manages to capture a lightening bug and while they have a little fun raving, they hear trees falling around them. On day two, the team is moving through the jungle and spots the tree that broke on their first night. Aaron notices that it could have landed in their camp and that it hasn't funny fallen.

They learn that it is dangerous and Kacie is still worried about the snakes.

They have found a way to clothe themselves and decide to get some water to replenish what they have lost. Aaron and Kaci decide to drink the flowing water because it seemed clean enough.

Night falls again and they feel an animal peeing on them from the tree. On day three they are back at trying to start a fire which is crucial to helping them purify water and cook enough food. Kacie actually starts the fire and now all that's left is to find food.

They use the bug net to to try and catch some tiny minnows for food. Aaron actually wrapped the fish in all spice leaves and roasted them.

The fish cooked on the skewers weren't completely cooked but Aaron's method seemed to prove to be very good.

Already the team has had a pretty easy go but Aaron runs into a viper on the way to their watering hole. Aaron decides to take a chance at capturing it and strikes with his staff. He seems to have gotten it but he urges Kacie to walk slow and keep an eye out.

Aaron gives her a little lesson on snakes and they decide to take the small snake and use it for bait to catch fish. On day five, the team wanders through the jungle and finds material.

They decide to use it to cover up as much as they can.

They go on another fishing adventure but this time it's unsuccessful. They haven't caught anything for awhile but they do run into a heart of palm tree. They can't get through all of it at once but Kacie decides to try to get into it.

Aaron believes Kacie might be exerting herself too much. Kacie begins to feel her body shutting down and decides to rest a bit.

On day nine, Aaron says he keeps hearing bees. They immediately think about finding honey and Aaron decides to try and smoke the bees out.

He begins cutting at the tree and starts hacking away but he doesn't see any honey. He tries to climb higher to dip a stick into the combs but it is all dry.

The rain rolls in during the dry season and it really comes down. They are nervous about the trees breaking because of the wind and violent storm. The thunder and lightening is relentless and the trees begin falling around them.

They decide to get up underneath the shelter and the rain is just relentless. They are happy to have each other in such a dangerous storm. On day 10 they can see debris everywhere.

They attempt to reconstruct their shelter and there is no dry wood for shelter anywhere. Kacie is feeling tired and hungry and she is fighting to keep her spirits up. In the evening they are kept awake by the monkeys peeing on them, throwing berries and howling at night.

The next day, Kacie continues to chop away at the heart of palm but she is really pushing herself.

Aaron knows that you have to be smarter when it comes to maintaining your energy level. As night falls they battle the bugs.

Aaron appears to have a botfly buried in his skin and he is experiencing discomfort. He is also bleeding which is scaring Kacie. The rain sets in again and continues through days 14 and 15 all the way up to day 17.

The team is not getting enough sleep and Aaron is starting to feel the emotions because he really misses his son. Kacie begins preparing herself to carry on by herself.

Aaron says he doesn't want to do it any more and that he wants to go home on day 19 but decides to stick it out a couple more days.

Kacie sympathizes with Aaron who says there is nothing to eat. Kacie wants to get to the heart of palm but Aaron thinks it might be too critical. At this point it doesn't matter anymore and they decide to go all out for the palm.

They finally conquer the palm and begin chowing down. It's extraction day and they have finally found the monkey that has been peeing on them.

They check their map and they must bushwhack through the dangerous jaguar and snake routes they came in on.

They use the bug net to make socks then wrap their feet by cordage. They make their way through the jungle and continuously run into trees and roots.

They also run into some big bones which means jaguar territory. They keep going and find themselves to the river and the rescue boat. Aaron finishes with a PSR of 7.4 and Kacie finishes with a PSR of 6.4.

"All Falls Down" is yet another incredible installment of Discovery's Naked and Afraid. Surviving the jungles of Belize is not an easy task and Kacie and Aaron really had the odds stacked against the.

That being said they really showed the show by creating clothes to wear. Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.

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