'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Jennifer & Trenton' Season 4 Episode 5, 'Fire On The Mountain'

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The bartender/student, Jennifer Cochran and the paramedic and wilderness medicine instructor, Trenton Harper take on the harsh territory of Udhampur, India in "Fire On The Mountain" tonight's episode of Discovery's "Naked and Afraid."

Jennifer (Twitter) is a 30-year-old student from Pennsylvania and she makes it known that she is no expert at survival. This is going to make it extremely hard on her as she attempts to survive a weather pattern that can be disastrous and unpredictable. Jennifer (Instagram) says she's a team player and is very eager to learn from her team member which might help her along the way.

Her excellent team building skills gives her a PSR of 6.4 and she's also created with skills of "Tracking, Building Shelter, Water Purification, Motivator, Primitive Fire and Nomad." Her goal is very simple, make it the 21 days and overcome the heat and dryness by day along with violent thunderstorms.

They must keep a watchful eye for monkeys, leopards and the dangerous black scorpion that causes hundreds of deaths in India a year according to the narrator.

"J.C. grew up in a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania," according to Discovery. "Surrounded by the wilderness her entire life, she found her passion at an early age.

Being the sister of two brothers she was always outdoors. Her passion turned into a lifestyle and a yearning for more knowledge. She befriended several people throughout her life that have taught and helped her throughout her journey."

Jennifer's partner 30-year-old Trenton (Facebook) our of Montana is already surprised at just how far up the two are going to be for their challenge. He's a full time paramedic who grew up in rural West Virginia.

Trenton (Twitter) is starting out with an outstanding PSR of 7.9 due to his years of primitive survival skills and practice.

He's had years of practice should be perfectly fine in the mountains of Udhampur.

His long array of skills include, "Shelter Production, Water Purification, Fire by Friction, Primitive Containers and Tool Production, Hunting, Gathering, Aidless Navigation, Tracking, Winter Survival and Rescue and Wilderness Medicine."

"Originally from rural West Virginia, Trenton grew up with an affinity for the mountains that sparked an early interest in the traditional skills of land-based peoples," according to Discovery.

"The better part of his childhood and teenage years were spent practicing primitive survival skills amongst the mixed oaks, maples, hickories, and hemlocks of the East.

He went on to study with an assortment of naturalist, trackers, and survival skills practitioners, later working as an environmental educator and survival skills instructor."

After stripping down into their bare skin Trenton and Jennifer set out on the tough task of surviving "Naked and Afraid." Both are pretty nervous about being naked in front of a stranger but once they get the awkwardness out of the way they jump right into trying to find some shelter so they can stay dry at night. They will also have to get over a lot of trust issues if they are going to make it through the full 21 days.

Trenton says that Jennifer is a pretty girl but right now he's more interested in her survival skills.

Jennifer and Trenton must find a watering hole to make shelter from the extreme temperatures of the night. Jennifer's positive vibe seems pretty good out the gate even when Trenton begins sounding like a teacher.

The monkeys in the area can become aggressive if they feel threatened and they also carry rabies and a syphilitic bacteria.

They find a watering hole and take some time to mud up as a sunscreen. They want to beware of the curious monkeys around them.

They begin building their shelter with wood and debris from around the area. Jennifer wants to use the machete that Trenton brought but he makes her a stick instead. He's extremely protective of it and wants her to prove herself before he lets her use it.

Jennifer is forced to dig through the ground with just a stick. Neither of them have a fire starter but Trenton uses the old school method and brings fire for the team.

Trenton is struggling with Jennifer telling him what the proper time for boiling water is and the trouble begins.

During the first night the team finally gets a taste of the freezing temperatures at night. By the next day the two haven't gotten any sleep and Jennifer gets sick which causes her to throw up. Trenton thinks that she is dehydrated and has a bit of mountain sickness but he is hopeful that he can continue on without her help.

Jennifer is still sick the next day and she's worried that Trenton is disappointed in her actions. Jennifer is telling him how awesome he is doing but it's not helping Trenton feel any better about his partner.

It's pretty strange that Trenton has such an attachment to the knife and Jennifer even pokes a little fun at it. A huge storm rolls in but Trenton still sets out to find firewood all on his own.

When Trenton comes back with the firewood, an argument ensues and Jennifer gets defensive when Trenton accuses her of being lazy and bitching at him.

He tells her that she doesn't really move but she replies that Trenton is just selfish and needs to let up on the machete.

The morning after the storm brings some emotions out of Jennifer who thinks that her partner isn't caring about her goals. Trenton says he does regret how things went which leads to the two talking things out.

He admits that he can get frustrated easily and it's hard word especially mentally.

Jennifer understands and argues her side of the situation. The talk goes as well as it could for two people in that situation but Jennifer's strength returns and she is ready to work.

Trenton makes a bird trap to try to catch some food but the next day all he could find is a scorpion. The scorpion provides a good source of protein and both teammates are enjoying their meal. The relationship between the two is better than it was before.

Both contestants are weak and starving so Trenton decides to go hunting. Before he goes, Jennifer asks if she can use the machete while he's gone and he's still reluctant but gives in anyway.

He waits patiently by the water hole to see what he can find but he's finding it hard to focus. Night falls and Trenton hears his trap fall but it's empty when he checks it. Jennifer becomes concerned with Trenton's mental and physical state. He seems to be loosing it a little; he reaches the point where he is just begging for some meat.

Finally it looks like his bird trap has worked. He thanks the bird for coming into their lives and after popping his head, he has a drink of blood.

Jennifer loved seeing Trenton's enthusiasm and told him how proud she was of him.

After their meal they have much more energy to hunt for more food to make it through until extraction. The two teammates have gotten much closer and are now working together to make it out of Udhampur. One of Trenton's worst nightmares comes to fruition as a fire has now started in the mountains and it's headed towards their camp.

They need to be ready to move if they need to but by extraction day they are safe.

However, the journey is much harder now that they don't have a direct route down to the extraction point. The journey takes a toll on Jennifer but Trenton is much more understanding at this point.

Jennifer finds it in her to keep pushing and the team reaches the extraction point. Both contestants are very proud of themselves for staying strong through it all.

Trenton wants to better his survivalist skills so that he's never vulnerable again. Jennifer's PSR rose to 6.9 while Trenton's moved to 8.2.

"Fire On The Mountain" really took survival to new heights. Both contestants learned a lot about each other with a ton of hard work involved.

Tempers got really heated tonight but they realize that they needed to get over that.

Storms were brewing and nights were very Fans of "Naked and Afraid" can catch an all new episode of next week at 10 PM EST on Discovery.