'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Jamie and Jake' Season 5 Episode 3, 'Rise Above'

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The intense season five of Discovery's Naked and Afraid continues in the Amazon Rainforest. Jamie Little and Jake Nodar will strip down naked to see if they can survive the unforgiving humidity and annoying bugs for 21 days.

Jamie Little (Instagram) is a 36-year-old female from Tucson, Arizona. She is a teacher and is quite nervous about being naked on the show and especially with a stranger she has never met before.

Jamie thinks being attractive to her partner would be a bonus but is still unsure about what to expect.

Her (Twitter) skills include "using bow drills, creating snow shelters and identifying desert plants.

She beings with a PSR of 6.0. With some of these skills Jamie might be a little out of her element and it should be interesting to see how she goes about the challenge.

"Jamie grew up in Maryland, embracing nature through the meandering trails from her backyard. She was a Girl Scout and one of her best friends an Eagle Scout, with adventure always calling.

This included activities such as backpacking, whitewater canoeing, and rock climbing," according to Discovery.

Jake Nodar (Twitter) is a 36-year-old male from Darnestown, Maryland. He works as a horse trainer but Jake is very comfortable with his own nudity but he is nervous about seeing a woman naked because he hasn't seen one naked in close to 30 years.

His skills include, "shelter building and building a fire," both of these skills will be crucial to surviving in the tropical rainforest.

Jake has also showed resiliency and strength by coming out in a small town. He begins with a PSR of 7.3.

"From a very young age, you could find Jake outdoors. Despite growing up in Baltimore City, he spent most weekends hiking, camping, and fishing.

In middle school, one of his classes was on shelter building, setting a foundation for a future of primitive camping," according to Discovery.

The meeting is pretty awkward and Jamie points out that it's hard not looking at all of him. He joked that he had to remind her to keep her eyes up. They quickly gather themselves and get started on their challenge.

They take a look in their bags and they have a magnesium fire starter, a machete and another knife. They take a look at the map and realize they have to search for dry terrain.

While they travel, they get to know each other and Jake points out that they will have to be careful of the freshwater predators. Jake sees Piranha in the water and Jamie feels bite but reaches the bank unscathed.

Jamie does comment that Jake is a good looking guy. They come across a pretty large a homey tree. They begin crafting their shelter and Jamie is already struggling with blisters.

Jake's first impressions of his partner are pretty positive but there is still a lot of the challenge left.

At nightfall, they only manage to get a portion of the shelter built. Jake reveals that he is gay and as they get to know each other some more.

In the morning they haven't gotten much sleep but Jamie says it is a dream being out in the Amazon. Jamie feels more comfortable that Jake is gay and says he is bringing out the fun side in her. Jake and Jamie have the shelter covered but they will need water after losing plenty of it through two days of work.

They check a nearby river for water and move back to the camp to get the fire going. Jake has already found a grasshopper to cook once they have fire.

Jamie and Jake both struggle with the fire and a storm seems to be right around the corner.

The rain sets in and they realize that they are better off collecting rainwater. They finally get some freshwater and both Jake and Jamie are excited about replenishing lost water. On day three Jamie is not doing well from a combination of cold temperatures, wet conditions and lack of sleep.

They are moving around the rainforest when the rain comes back and Jamie's mental stability seems to be falling a bit.

Jake drinks as much rain water as he could and is worried that Jamie might have missed out on it.

He checks on Jamie and she says she is freezing, Jake advises her to rest as long as she can. In the night Jamie breaks down and says she is so cold and tired. She says she wants to go as soon as possible. Jake seems to be hanging in there but Jamie is struggling mentally and is breaking down.

Jake is trying to improve the shelter so tat Jamie isn't bothered by the rain or the insects. In the evening the rain returns and Jake prays that it doesn't leak.

That being said, Jake's roof worked and kept the water out. Jamie was still cold and didn't get much sleep. She naps during the day while Jake is up an active.

He continues to build the shelter and has a pretty upbeat mentality through all he has faced. Jamie is helping but asks what time would be best to take a nap.

Jake can't work when Jamie decides to take a nap and struggles with waking her up.

He says he sees that Jamie is not holding up her end and overhears her talking about how much the shelter still needs work. He says it all has to change in the morning.

Jamie thanks Jake for bringing in the bedding but he confronts her about not doing anything about her condition. He tells her that she should at least try to make the situation better and Jamie thinks she understands. Jake leaves to continue his work and when Jamie asks if there is anything she can do, Jake says it's all about her mentality.

She says she is not a back and forth person and he tells her all wants is for her to decide before 21 days is over. Jamie decides to start doing her part and worrying about the task at hand.

Jake notices that Jamie is working hard and he feels much better about her.

Jamie thanks Jake for putting her in place and he thanks her for working and motivating him. They repaired their friendship and Jamie realizes she needs to put in more effort. On day nine, Jake almost walks into a poisonous spider. He says you constantly have to be on your guard and they two need food.

Jake is getting weak and finds a tree with nuts around the base and a ton of fat grubs. However, it isn't good enough.

Jamie decides to make a fish basket with heart of palm. Jake makes a complex figure-four trap on land.

Now, Jake and Jamie have to get a fire going in order to cook any food they could catch. With one swift motion with the machete and magnesium lighter, Jake manages to get a fire started and it holds up wonderfully. Jake tries hunting at night while Jamie stays behind.

He doesn't have much lighting and while he is walking around at night something happens. He was scared by an airborne animal of some sort.

On day 11, Jake finds a palm fruit with a strange substance inside. He decides to take a shot at eating it and realizes it's got the texture of a jelly fish. Jake checks his trap and Jamie checks her fish trap. Neither of them have any luck and they go another night without food.

On day 15 Jake and Jamie are still without food. Jake has lost plenty of weight and suffered a couple of blackouts. He is staying hydrated but the lack of protein, fat or vitamins is really getting to him.

They already begin outlining the route for extraction day and decide to build a raft. He doesn't find any bamboo and decides to chop down a tree that is pretty advantageous in his state. His mental state is dipping from a lack of food and he hates feeling disoriented. Jamie is making sure Jake gets more grubs than she does and on day 17 the work continues.

Jake decides to retire for the day and Jamie knows that she has to step up to help her partner. She decides to explore for an alternate food source.

She runs in to a large army of fire ants and manages to escape. She finds a water apple and rounds some up for Jake.

She presents Jake with the fruit and he is so happy she was able to make Jake smile. Together they work to harvest more fruit and have a feast. On day 20, the team realizes that they need to finish their raft to get to where they need to be. They decide to test out the raft so far by going out in the river.

As they move through the water they find ants all over their raft. They also come across a big spider for an evening meal. That night they snack on the spider and the fruit.

It's extraction day and they map out their route once more, hoping that their raft holds up. They get on the raft and remain cautious of all of the predators that lurk in the water. They are stuck but after some determination find themselves free.

They continue along the path and find the rescue boat. However, the challenge comes when they have to paddle through the tough current to get to the boat.

They manage to make it to the boat and have overcome the Naked and Afraid 21-day challenge. Jamie finishes with a PSR of 6.7 and Jake finishes with a PSR of 8.0.

Discovery's Naked and Afraid manages to fans another solid installment with "Rise Above." The struggle to find food in the Amazon proved to be pretty hard and the environment even tougher.

The setting has changed right back to the exotic locations. Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.

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