'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Chalese & Steven' Season 5 Premiere, 'King of the Forest'

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On Discovery's Naked and Afraid season five premiere, Chalese Meyer and Steven Hall Jr.

strip down naked but this time, they are actually taking on the backwoods of Alabama to see if they can survive 21 days of the Naked and Afraid challenge.

Chalese Meyer (Instagram) is a 26-year-old female from Salt Lake City, Utah. She will begin with a PSR of 6.3. She is looking forward to a challenge which she thinks she is well prepared for. She is not shy about being naked in front of a stranger.

She says that she is normally the first one at a pool party to get naked. She also reveals that she is a lesbian so spending the time with a guy naked shouldn't be too much of problem for her.

Chalese says that her girlfriend is worried about the challenge because she still finds men attractive but all in all it seems like she will be ready for what comes her way.

Chalese (Facebook) works as a recreational therapist and a nanny and her skills include, "fire building, foraging, shelter building and being a certified wilderness first responder."

"Chalese was born and raised in Utah and brought up in the LDS religion.

Her family's activities growing up revolved around the outdoors; hiking, camping, and fishing. She was a bit of a tom boy growing up and loved to be outside all the time; playing sports throughout her school years," according to Discovery.

Steven Hall Jr. (Facebook 1, 2) 32-year-old male from Orlando, Florida. He will begin with a PSR of 8.0. He (Twitter) works as a professional artist and seems pretty open about being naked as well.

He is looking forward to the challenge and hopes that his partner is hot because he is going to have to look at her for 21 days. Steven (Instagram) says the point of being out there is being one with nature and he plans on teaching nature a lesson.

He is concerned about his partner over everything else and hopes to have a tough chick on his side.

Steven's (Website) skills include, "shelter building, fire by friction, hunting, gathering, tracking, water purification, tool production, being strong willed, and being level headed."

"Steven's love for the outdoors blossomed early in life. He learned a lot from his grandfather and uncle in the Rocky Mountains learning how to fly fish, track game, and build both shelters and fire.

He continues to be an avid outdoorsman and an alligator and boar hunter. He hones his survival skills on a regular basis to keep his mind and body on point," according to Discovery.

The team will have to take on venomous snakes and a world of unknowns as they attempt to go for it all on Naked and Afraid. The meeting goes pretty well but there Chalese can't seem to stop staring at Steven's private area. Once they get past it they begin their journey through the forest of Alabama.

Chalese has the map and they decide to head East. On day one they decide to get down into the shade before handling shoes.

Chalese is having a hard time walking around. The thorns are making it especially hard for them to get to their destination but they do overcome it.

Chalese and Steven both seem to have similar personalities which could be a bad thing. They find water and Chalese asks Steven how he feels sleeping with someone naked. Chalese says that Steven is attractive and he says if he is cold he will cuddle.

Steven and Chalese have to stop before nightfall and build an elevated platform to get through the night. Chalese has instant success with starting a fire and these two are really rolling along.

The two have their first sip of water in the evening and the team wants to do something legendary. They get cozy and during the evening all they can hear is the wilderness around them. They begin to hear growls and sounds as if a bear is approaching.

They start reacting by clapping and waving a stick around. By the morning Chalese and Steven are going over their wild night. Chalese was like a ninja with the stick and they made it through the night.

They start making a wall shelter to adapt to the situation. The team seems to work together and Chalese says they are very much like each other and Steven agrees. The shelter is completed at night and they have to huddle up for warmth. It doesn't seem to bother them at all as they got very close. Chalese is getting pretty hungry and they decide to go hunting for food.

Chalese is not a hunter but she knows that Steven is pretty cocky about it. Steven sees something moving around and takes off after it.

He catches a king snake and they immediately skin it. They rush back to cook it and enjoy their meal.

Chalese seems pretty impressed with Steven as her partner so far. It leads to another night where Steven has to lay on top of Chalese to stay warm and they really don't seem to mind getting close. On Day 4 the team goes out exploring for resources and takes in all of the surroundings.

They find a Yucca plant and begin snacking on it right away. They are very versed in the Yucca and know just how to prepare it.

Steven is doing an interview when Chalese starts yelling for a medic. Steven hears her and both he and the medics run over to Chalese who says she almost chopped her finger off.

Steven is there to help his partner as she is tended to and he says he will help her wash her hair for her. Steven uses the Yucca to help her wash her hair and they exchange some dirty jokes in the meantime. These partners are getting very friendly and Chalese appreciates all of the help that she has been getting from Steven.

That evening they finally discuss the fact that Chalese is a lesbian in a relationship. The next day she says she is proud of who she is.

She says that her girlfriend is such a huge inspiration and motivation for her.

The team heads out on the hunt again and Steven finds deer tracks. Chalese is really hungry and night falls once again without food. At night, the team can hear coyotes all around.

In the morning they try to trap an armadillo for food but they can't seem to find one and they are running out of options.

They go through another night in the loud forest. Steven and Chalese are still not having any luck locating food and Chalese can't stop thinking about food.

Finally after six days, they make their way through the forest and come up on a possum. Steven chases after it and takes it out. Steven gets even more cocky after taking out the possum and Chalese gets a bit emotional about it.

Steven doesn't feel bad about the kill but Chalese feels pretty bad about it. She doesn't like the taste of it and Steven doesn't either. They think the meat tastes diseased and they stop eating it.

On Day 13, Chalese is mentally breaking down. On Day 14, they set out on the hunt again since it has been 10 days since their last significant meal. While moving through the forest Steven comes up on a rattle snake and he tells Chalese to stay back and let him kill the snake. He manages to get the snake trapped and asks for the machete from Chalese to seal the deal.

Steven is cleaning out the snake and grabs the heart that is still beating. He eats it and Chalese says it's sick.

Steven says that he is the king of the forest. They feast on the snake and they seem to really enjoy the taste.

In the night a thunderstorm rolls in and with it is an intense amount of rain. On day 15 it is still raining outside and it continues to Day 16. They aren't getting much sleep and it's taking a toll on their bodies. By Day 17 the rain stops and Steven says that they almost thought that hypothermia would be a problem.

Their firewood, tinder and kindle are all soaked and the temperature is pretty cold. They try to get a fire going but it won't spark up because it's too damp.

Another storm rolls in and they have to huddle up for warmth again. Chalese says it's too much and she can't do it.

On Day 18 Steven and Chalese try to get the fire going again and it just won't happen. Chalese tells Steven to try rubbing sap on the kindle because it's like gasoline or turpentine. Steven finally gets the fire started with help from Chalese and they sit around to warm up.

On extraction day, the team is ready to go home. They begin going back through the thorny areas and Chalese can't believe that Steven isn't complaining about the thorns.

He motivates her as they come up on the big tree and they have completed the challenge.

They seem like they are going to be lifelong friends and they are each proud of what they have overcome. Steven has a final PSR of 8.6. Chalese has a final PSR of 6.7.

Naked and Afraid's "King of the Forest" definitely gets the season off to a pretty awesome start.

The show continues to test the limits of its contestants to see if they really have what it takes to get through the challenge.

Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.

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