'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Cassidy & Jeremy' Season 5 Episode 5, 'All or Nothing'

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On Discovery's Naked and Afraid, season finale Cassidy Flynn and Jeremy McCaa get naked and try to survive 21 days on a deserted island in the Philippines on the Naked and Afraid challenge.

Meet the players

Cassidy Flynn is a 26-year-old, single female from San Francisco, California. She (Instagram) is excited about the challenge and is an avid surfer. She doesn't seem bothered at all to be naked, especially being naked in front of a stranger.

Surfing the seas is the way Cassidy (Facebook) spends her free time and her care free and easy going attitude shines right through to her first meeting with her partner.

She is worried about some of the poisonous animals but does have an affinity for nature. Her skills include, "shelter construction, plant identification and botany."

"Cassidy was born and raised in Woodside, California, where she started riding horses as soon as she could walk.

Before long, she also got into surfing. As soon as she could, she was driving to the beach thirty minutes from her house," according to Discovery.

Cassidy's partner for the 21 days is Jeremy McCaa, a 38-year-old male from Monroe, Louisiana. Jeremy (Facebook) is married and has a very active lifestyle when it comes to the outdoors. He is a hunter so that is a skill that should be helpful to his partner.

He (Instagram) learned his survival skills pretty young and hopes they carry over into the Naked and Afraid challenge.

On thing Jeremy isn't thrilled about is being naked in front of a stranger. His skills include, "hunting, animal tracking, primitive shelter building and friction fires," according to his bio.

"Throughout high school, Jeremy's love grew more for sportsman paradise.

It wasn't long before he fell in love with waterfowl hunting. No matter what month of the year, you can find him in the woods or on the water doing what he is passionate about," according to Discovery.

How it went down

The pair seemed to get along but immediately got into trouble on their first day. Though they made finding water a priority they were unable to do so.

They also struck out when it came to lighting a fire and they did not even attempt to build a shelter.

They did appear to get along well, but seemed unfit to meet the challenge. They entered the first night aware they were in trouble and both noticeably shaken.

As the sun rose on day 2 the pair complained of dehydration and made finding water their main priority. They dug down almost six feet before finding a first sign of water -- which they both noted smelled horrible.

They left the hole hoping it would fill with water, noting that they would need to boil it.

They still did not have fire and Cassidy was up after dark on watch noting that the camp was filled with "creepy crawlies." In the morning she spread mud on her legs and noted that morale was low.

Jeremy was still unable to light a fire on day 3, so Cassidy went looking for green coconuts while he took a dip in the ocean to cook down.

She returned with a large green coconut that Jeremy sampled first finding it to be "rotten."

Later in the day he tried again to make fire. He finally succeeded and they built it into a fire so they could boil water.

"Out here if you want something, you go get it," he said. They boiled the water and were able to drink.

That night the two ventured away from their sleeping sight in order to find a place to go the bathroom. They then ran into a cobra and had to flee.

As day 4 started they found a rat in their drinking water and caught it in order to eat it.

Cassidy was upset at killing it, but they did cook and eat it finding it "like chicken" and "salty." For the rest of the day they split up with Jeremy collecting bamboo and Cassidy beginning to build a platform/shelter for sleeping.

The show then skipped ahead to day 8 where the pair noted that their water table was dwindling and the well was running dry.

They tried hollowing out a tree in order to use it as a sort of water pipe. It worked and they drank the water without boiling it.

Jeremy, for some reason, then built Cassidy a bra out of coconuts, which had been their prime source of food, The pair then split up to find something else to eat.

Cassidy immediately found some sort of bird eggs which they had hope to boil, instead finding embryos, which they boiled and ate a small amount of.

Skipping to day 10 the pair were still in search of food and their fire had gone out. "Zero coals, no fire, we've lost everything," Jeremy said.

The show then jumped to Day 12. They returned again to cutting down a banana tree as a source of water.

"I'm not really sure how much more my body can take," Cassidy said.

"I can't go on if we go at it very long," Jeremy added.

This was the first time it seemed likely that the two were going to quit. The fact that only five minutes remained the episode and they had only reached day 12 also suggested they were going to quit.

As the final segment began the pair appeared ready to tap out. Jeremy told Cassidy "don't give up, we can do this."

She agreed to continue.

They finally rebuilt their fire giving them the means to boil water again.

"We cam just seconds away from tapping out, but we pushed through," said Jeremy.

Clearly Discovery played a game with audience as the show extended past its traditional ending time.

Jeremy returned to the well on Day 13 to find it completely dry. He returned to Cassidy and told her the bad news.

At that point, the two decided to tap out.

"My mind is willing, but my body is not," said Jeremy.

"I feel the same way," Cassidy agreed.

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