'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Bree & Clarence' Season 5 Episode 11, 'Strength in Pain'

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This episode of Discovery's Naked and Afraid finds Bree Walker and Clarence Gilmer II stripped naked and left in the rainforests of Honduras to see if they can survive 21 days with few tools and no clothes.

Bree Walker (LinkedIn) is a 30-year-old female from Denver, Colorado. Bree is single and works as a real estate agent.

Bree says she is kid of excited to be naked for 21 days. She is confident that she can survive the 21 days but she is afraid of the dark and snakes.

Her skills include, "shelter building, hunting and gathering, crafting tools and weapons, navigation, trapping, and plant identification." She will begin the Naked and Afraid challenge with a PSR of 6.9.

"Bree has always been fascinated by the outdoors and wilderness.

From a young age she was always exploring the mountains of Colorado and the world. She has even been to the North Pole on an expedition at the age of 13 and went in her bikini!" according to Discovery.

Clarence Gilmer II (Facebook) is a 35-year-old male with no permanent residence. He is single and works as a survival instructor and a naturalist.

Clarence is full of energy and comes out of the pickup saying tough times don't last, tough people do. He says he loves his body and being naked is not a problem.

Clarence (Twitter) says it may be a problem for people seeing it and jokingly teases a big blur.

He also has his toenails painted pink. His skills include "shelter building, friction fire, tracking and trapping." He will begin the challenge with a PSR of 7.2.

"Clarence's survival skills began at a very young age, in the streets of Baltimore with his three brothers. Violence and crime posed an enormous challenge to navigating in a safe and respectful manner...

resulting in Clarence being held at gunpoint a horrible 14 times.

This terrifying reality persuaded him to focus on hard work and perseverance inside closed doors as a road for escape," according to Discovery.

The meeting between the two is quite friendly. They shake hands and Bree is very happy to hug Clarence.

They are both happy with the positive attitudes during their meeting and decide that they need to get into some shade and out of the sun.

They want to try to find the palms to use for their shelters as well.

Clarence and Bree make their way through the tough terrain and get to know each other a bit more. In the late afternoon, it starts to rain heavily and they realize that hypothermia could also be a threat.

They find the palms and begin making their shelter. Bree doesn't feel good about the shelter because it is in an area where snakes love to hide.

Clarence and Bree have the shelter built and he is trying to start a fire. They just can't seem to get it going and by 2:58 AM they haven't gotten any sleep.

They are already having a rough time in Honduras. Clarence and Bree realize that their location is not ideal and they must move to a flatter location.

Bree takes charge of the shelter situation and because of her fear of snakes, she does not want to sleep on the ground. Meanwhile, as Bree works on the shelter, Clarence is trying to get a fire started.

Bree is chopping down the trees for her raised shelter which she says takes very long. Most of Clarence's kindle is wet but he eventually gets the fire started. They are working together as a team and kicking butt.

During a stroll they find a tarantula and Clarence catches it while Bree hands him a rock to kill it. They roast it and enjoy a fuzzy little lobster for their first meal. Bree takes a break for some water and Clarence realizes that they should drink the cooler water.

Bree is in a rush and drinks the warmer water. Bree asks Clarence to try to listen to her a little more. Clarence says he was just making a suggestion.

Together they work on the raised platform for their shelter but the rain sets in once again. They band together as fast as they can and finish their raised shelter.

In the evening Bree is sleeping and Clarence is keeping the fire lit.

Bree and Clarence were freezing at night and Clarence points out that he is the main one trying to keep the fire lit. He says he is used to being alone and doesn't mind it.

Bree is dry while Clarence makes his own shelter. In the evening they wish each other a good night and Clarence begins freaking out. He hears something breathing heavy around him.

Then suddenly, Clarence says he figured out what he growl was and it was really embarrassing. It was his stomach growling and he had never heard it that loud before.

During the day, Clarence finds a viper in the tree and decides to catch it for a snack. He presents the snack to Bree and she is happy to see it.

He prepares it and they enjoy it though they are cautious about the dangers that lurk close to camp.

Clarence doesn't have enough to eat and he also becomes sick. He has diarrhea and Bree has to take over the fire to see how important it is.

Clarence takes a nap and Bree is nervous about the fire responsibility. Just then, the entire shelter catches on fire and Bree realizes that Clarence will not be happy.

Bree tries her best to put the fire out and Clarence wakes up to see the aftermath.

Clarence is not happy to see his shelter burned up. He has to make a new one from scratch and says he can never rely on anyone for his success.

He talks about his father and says he relied on his father a lot. Bree wants to know if he can rely on her a little bit, however, Clarence seems to to want to go at it on his own.

He creates a whole new shelter. Bree is weirded out by the fact that it is a team effort but Clarence has been pretty introverted. Bree says she is disappointed with who her partner is.

Clarence is still suffering with pain and stomach problems. He continues to isolate himself from his partner as well.

Bree says thinking of other people is really important and wants to turn it all into something positive.

She decides to make a tea from the gumbo limbo tree as a remedy for his stomach problems. She presents it to Clarence who says it is really good.

Clarence realizes that Bree has been really helpful and is happier known that she has his back. The rain sets in again and it's getting harder. They spend the next three nights trapped int heir own shelters because of the storm.

By day 13 the rain clears up and everything is wet. Clarence wants to get Bree on the bandwagon for the debris shelter. Bree agrees that she is much warmer in it.

He decides to help her make her own and they want to be closer together. They are very respectful of each other at this point and they seem to be doing much better.

In the evening, they say goodnight again and Bree is cramped in her shelter. Lurking around her shelter is a snake that makes its way inside. Bree is awoken and begins screaming that there is a snake on her.

Clarence wakes up and rushes to Bree's rescue. They can't find it and they aren't sure if it is still there or not. Bree cannot go back into her shelter.

The next day, Bree tells Clarence that there is nowhere for her sleep anymore and the snake was the last straw for her.

She says she thinks she is going to tap out. Bree asks Clarence if he is okay with that and Clarence says he is tough and he will be fine.

Clarence says he is a one-wolf wolf pack and that's what he has to be to survive. Bree has reached her limit and tapped out of the challenge.

Clarence is confident that he can do the challenge on his own.

Clarence decides to build another new shelter to try and keeps the snakes away and it's just him on his own. By day 15, Clarence has not had a good nights sleep because of the relentless mosquitoes.

Clarence moves back into his old shelter as the rain continues to beat down. On day 16 the river has risen and Clarence is lucky to be away from there. Clarence hasn't had anything to eat since day three.

He says he is not hungry, he is just lonely. By day 19 Clarence is singing variations of "Amazing Grace" and he is hurting pretty badly. Clarence says he doesn't want to torture himself anymore.

It's extraction day and Clarence says he is glad to be done with Honduras. He says he didn't think he could make it one more night there. He begins his journey to the extraction point after taking a look at the map.

Clarence is having trouble getting to the extraction point but is determined to do so. Clarence has come to a dead end and has to jump into the river.

He jumps into the river and follows on to the other side. He is super hungry and tired at this point.

He says his father taught him how to ensure and when he sees the bridge he begins to pick it up a little more.

Clarence is going on will power but makes it to the bridge where the jeep is there to pick him up.

He has survives the Naked and Afraid challenge and finishes with a PSR of 7.9 and Bree finishes with a PSR of 4.8.

"Strength in Pain" definitely brought a mix of humor in some seriously difficult conditions for Discovery's Naked and Afraid. Odd as the team may have been it couldn't be easy for anyone in these conditions.

Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.

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