'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Annie & Trent' Season 5 Episode 2, 'Fear the Unknown'

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In an all new episode of Discovery's Naked and Afraid, Annie Foley and Trent Nielsen brave the jungle of Belize as they strip down bare to see if they can survive in episode two of season five.

Annie Foley is a 38-year-old married female from Essex, Illinois who is looking to test her limits in the jungles of Belize. Annie (No Facebook) is pretty excited to start the challenge but the being naked idea seems to make her very nervous.

You can see the nerves almost get the best of her when she arrives at the destination and has to take her clothes off.

Annie (No Instagram) finally decides to go ahead with it as she sets out to find her partner. According to her Naked and Afraid bio, Annie's (No Twitter) skills are "shelter, spear fishing, wild edibles and flint fires."

"Annie is a mother of four, a farmer's wife, and photographer who currently lives in Essex, Illinois, but is truly from a little bit of everywhere.

Growing up, her family moved a lot, from once to twice a year. Moving so much in life, the only thing that stayed familiar and felt like home was being in the outdoors," according to Discovery.

Annie's partner Trent Nielsen cracks a lot more jokes about being naked when he it's his turn to take his clothes off. He (No Twitter) seems pretty gung-ho about the experience and is ready to try and make it 21 days in the Mayan jungles of Belize.

Trent (Facebook) and his partner Annie are going to have to brave the tropical temperatures and all of the predators that await them in the jungle.

Trent's (No Instagram) skills include, "hunting and friction fires," according to his Naked and Afraid bio.

"Trent is a fun-loving, wild and crazy guy who lives his crazy-ass life, with his crazy-ass girlfriend and six teenage boys, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

He has learned his survival skills of being stripped of everything and only left with the bare essentials from his wonderful two ex-wives," according to Discovery.

The initial meeting of the two shows definite nerves but they look to be ready for all that comes their way. It's going to be interesting to see how their personalities mesh and how they deal with dark nights, predators and finding their own food. Trent's PSR is 7.4 while Annie's PSR is set at 6.1.

They will have to battle highly venomous spiders, jaguars and total darkness. The team has a machete, flint and a hammock.

Annie finds it hilarious and shocked that Trent brought a hammock. They take a look at the map and need to get up to higher an drier ground.

They begin discussing shelter and immediately notice the bamboo that they can use to build. Once they reach higher ground, Trent and Annie can see the sky. Things get a little crazy when Annie has to rely on Trent to hold her up to chop down a few limbs for shelter.

It goes pretty smoothly and they are able to construct a temporary shelter.

They try to get the fire going at night and Trent admits that he's scared of the dark. Trent manages to start the fire with Annie's flint and both partners are proud of each other.

Trent also tells Annie the story of Big Foot laying on him when he was 12. They are clearly nervous about the animals around them and they begin to heard some movement and growls. By day two the intensity of the first night has worn off but both contestants are having a hard time adapting. They decide to find some water and Annie is having a pretty hard time moving around the jungle terrain.

They find a neat little pool of clean drinking water. Annie and Trent use the bamboo to carry their water. Once they return to camp, they add reenforcement to their shelter and dine on some termites.

Trent and Annie are really getting along but Annie is having a very hard time sleeping and she seems very nervous. The next morning Annie hadn't had much sleep and she has to take it easy while Trent gathers more water. Annie is tired, fatigued, sore and continues to complain about a weird feeling in her chest.

She's not doing well and Trent comes back and asks her drink as much water as she can. That night Annie is complaining about pain throughout her body, pain that is affecting her emotionally.

On day four Annie is still finding it hard and starts to second guess her strength. Annie decides that she wants to tap out and even though Trent asks her to stay one night and encourage her, she says her spirit is gone and apologizes to Trent for failing him.

Trent even gets emotionally and begins to cry but he seems to understand why Annie has to tap out. Trent wishes he could have done more but now it's too late and he's on his own for 18 more days.

Naked and alone. Trent has to figure out how to go on alone. He feared being alone from the inception and now his fear has been realized. Trent plays off his situation with jokes but admits that at night he is uncomfortable with being alone.

He used his run in with Big Foot, as the main reason for his fear. Trent makes a door to his shelter to stay safe from animals that are lurking around his tent.

Then, he sets out to plant traps for rodents and small animals.

That night he can hear something lurking outside of his shelter and it sounds pretty menacing with it's growls. Trent is awake but too scared to go out and face the animal.

Trent really needs to find food and his nights aren't easy with the continued visit from a predator. He is now unable to distinguish paranoia from reality but one night his encounter gets really close and he is forced to yell and scream to scare away the predator lurking around his camp.

Trent rushes out in the night and screams help me when it becomes unbearable. The producers of Naked and Afraid are forced to go looking for him.

The producers find Trent and have to regroup after his run in with the predator. He was very scared and thanks everyone who came to help him. Things go back to normal and Trent tries to get some sleep. By day 12 the rain and wind sets in and Trent decides to wait it out. Trent is out three days of hunting and scavenging by the time the rain ends.

His body is starting to shut down and he needs to find food soon. Trent battles with a gopher for days and is outlasted until day 20.

He hasn't had any food and he is just one day away from extraction. Finally Trent is able to catch the mole and prepares his rodent for dinner.

The food comes just in time before Trent has to set out on his final journey to extraction. Trent says it would have been nice to have his partner with him and is worried about having to slash his way through the jungle. He sets out on his journey but seems to be moving slow because of the energy he is expensing.

He reaches a river and makes his way across, fighting the urge to stop. He makes it across the river and is exhausted.

Finally he hears a truck coming and Trent has survived the Naked and Afraid challenge. Trent finishes with a PSR of 8.2 and Annie finishes with 4.5.

"Fear the Unknown" is another successful notch in Discovery's well made belt.

The show continues to bring intensity and real life situations of survival for their contestants and eagerly viewing fans. Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.

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