'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Alyssa And Luke' Season 4 Episode 3, 'Mayan Sacrifice'

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Things get a very bare on tonight's episode of "Naked and Afraid." In the third episode of the fourth season, Alyssa Ballestero and Luke Pytlik strip naked and take on the Yucatan in the "Mayan Sacrifice" extravaganza.

Luke is a 35-year-old tattoo artist and Marine Corp veteran out of Wildomar, California. He specializes in trap setting and has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for around a year now.

He says that he is nervous going into it but managed to become a self-taught survivalist.

Luke (Rotary Article) says he has a ton of pride and he's going into this to prove to himself that he can come out on top in a challenge like this one.

Alyssa (Facebook) is a 27-year-old social worker from Madbury, New Hampshire and she is also in a relationship. Upon arrival she is already concerned about the heat and humidity, however, she is trained in primeval survival so she should be able to tough it out.

Alyssa is skilled in "Friction fire, shelter, water purification, fishing and hunting," according to Discovery. She's nervous to strip down to her bare skin but she's certain that a positive attitude will get her through the challenge.

The two partners walk across rough coral barefooted before they finally meet. The meeting goes smooth and seeing as they're both in a relationship there may not be any sparks to expect.

That being said, Alyssa manages to crack a joke about Luke's large staff that he used to get across the coral.

It's a little awkward at first but they plan on making the best of his situation. Will they melt under the pressure and heat or will they prevail?

Alyssa selected an axe while Luke chose pots and pans to boil water. They must be careful of deadly snakes and crocodiles in order to survive. The only areas they will be able to find good drinking water is by finding sinkholes. Alyssa is not impressed by the books and videos Luke has read because none of them will compare to real life.

Luke thinks that all they need to be able to do is get along and it will help them get through it. They quickly find a very nice area to set up a shelter in a soft flat area.

It's 103 degrees out and the heat is taking a toll on them already. The shelter is very well structured with a small bed for each of them.

There are ants crawling all over and by day two the heat has already become a bit unbearable for them. Luke and Alyssa need to find fresh water from the sinkhole. Nausea, brain damage and death is what they risk if they can't find a sinkhole.

The water is heavily contaminated with sulfur so the team has to build their fire to boil it clean. They try to use friction to start a fire but it's not working out and worry sets in.

Luke and Alyssa still haven't been able to make fire. Luke's PSR is 6.8 while Alyssa's is 7.1.

They use a hand-bow tool to make fire but the heat is so heavy that it's frustrating Luke. Alyssa seems to have the cooler head of the two and they continue their relentless pursuit of fire. Just when they get a little smoke going their tool breaks and they are forced to take another break.

Luke decides that they need to find a water filter and they use sand and charcoal as natural filters.

They finally have water but they still need a fire to get some food in their system. Luke and Alyssa turn to sea snails for a quick fix to their solution.

After some success the day before the two decide to go exploring for another food source the next day. They come across a small sinkhole and take a dip in the sulfur smelling water, however, they aren't alone a deadly crocodile is lurking.

They try to rush out of the water before they are turned into food and the croc lunges into the water.

They manage to escape to see day 7 but still need fire. Luke creates another fire tool that fails and yet again they are stuck without food.

Alyssa is having trouble sleeping because of all the bugs and by day 8, Luke continues his scavenger hunt for a tool tool to make fire. He creates a new invention that is suppose to work like a magnifying glass in the sun.

He gives up on the idea while Alyssa continues to make a stronger cord so they can get a fire going. Creating firs by friction is a skill of Alyssa but over and over again they are being proven wrong.

When a storm comes in, Luke and Alyssa collect rain water and once again try to make fire. They finally have success after days of trying and their efforts bring them a lot of happiness. Now that they have fire, they are going to need to get their hunting skills together so they can put nutrients into their body.

Sleep deprivation during the night isn't sitting well with Alyssa and certainly not with Luke. With fire comes a new lease on grabbing other food sources. Luke makes an iguana trap while Alyssa makes a fish basket.

Luke's trap failed to catch an iguana the first day and as days go by, they need to continue to check and rework their traps. Luke is incredibly creative at making all sorts of contraptions and it's always funny to see what he comes up with.

Not having food is really taking a toll on their bodies and they are losing energy. Luke begins to suffer from the unbearable head and believes he is reaching his breaking point.

By day 19 Alyssa is worried about Luke and they resort to crab hunting at night. There is pretty low visibility out at night even with torches and yet again they fail to catch food.

Alyssa begins to have some success crab hunting and she's carrying the team.

They enjoy the crab dinner before extraction day. They must travel six miles through thorny jungles to get to their extraction area and also face the threat of more crocs.

A miscalculation leads them two miles off the extraction point but they still have time to get to there. The finally reach the point and have survived the challenge. Lukes PSR increased to 7.2 to while Alyssa's now stands at 7.8.

"Mayan Sacrifice" contained two mentally strong individuals who put themselves to the test.

Their Gung Ho attitude towards getting out of their situation proved to be strong but even they at times had to deal with a lot of fatigue.

Fans of "Naked and Afraid" can catch an all new episode of next week at 10 PM EST on Discovery.