'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'AK & Jason' Season 4 Episode 9, 'Redemption Road'

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This week a past contestant of Discovery's "Naked and Afraid" strips down for a second time with a new partner, as Amanda Kaye (AK) and Jason Szabo try to survive the jungles of Guyana in "Redemption Road," the ninth episode of season four.

Amanda (Facebook 1, 2) who goes by AK (Instagram) is a 32-year-old past contestant from Alabama who is giving the challenge another shot in attempts to seek redemption. She is worried that something will prevent her from completing the challenge again.

The first time AK failed the challenged was "The Peruvian Amazon" episode where she claims she lost focus.

AK is a married mother of three who is pretty headstrong.

The first time she tapped out she warranted herself a Primitive Survival Rating of 4.3 and that is the same PSR she is given to start the challenge this time around.

AK is confident that she will make it the 21 days this time around. Her skills include "hunting, fire-starting and she is trained in Native American survival techniques according to Discovery.

"She learned how to survive using only what the land provides. Her favorite part of Native American survival is brain tanning deer hides."

Jason (Twitter) is AK's partner during her second time around. He (Facebook) is 31-years-old hailing from Denver, Colorado and is an active screenwriter/actor.

His hopes are to work with mother nature and not be a victim of her wrath. Jason says he spends a lot of time outside with nature. He is doing the challenge in honor of his grandfather and learned most of his techniques from a handbook his grandfather wrote.

He's a hunter but has a loner mentality. His initial PSR is set at 6.2 going into the challenge. His skills are "primitive skills, fire, fishing, trapping and making shelter," according to Discovery.

After taking all their clothes off, the two set out to meet each other and surprisingly enough Jason recognizes AK from the previous episode she appeared in. They introduce themselves and he does admit to recognizing her.

There is an awkward pause before she asks him if he's nervous she's his partner but Jason says he will treat her just the way he'd treat any other partner.

He also joked about keeping the bugs out of her vagina. While AK can see Jason's doubts he's will to give her the benefit of the doubt going in.

Jason brought a machete with him while AK brought potassium permanganate to purify water. They must brave the waters that contain large cayman, piranha and fresh water sting-rays. They also face poisonous trees, vines and flash floods.

They set out to find shelter and the terrain is a bit rocky. AK and Jason find the river as he continues to stumble through the jungle. They decide to build a shelter above ground in a teepee style tent.

They use the potassium permanganate to purify their water but it looks like AK might have mishandled it and put a bit too much in. They build their fire and continue pushing forward so that AK might be able to make it through this time. At night, the jungle is alive and AK's eyes begin burning.

It's a common side effect of mishandling the potassium permanganate. Jason begins to worry about AK tapping out again while she struggles to open her eyes.

AK is seriously feeling the irritation and Jason asks her if it's possible she has sweat in her eyes. Jason feels bad for AK however he says he's going to go by the fact that his grandfather has always instilled a make your own destiny lifestyle.

He embarks on a sting-ray hunt and he has to be very clear from the stinging spine.

Jason begins feeling the ground beneath him move as if sting-rays and are moving around him. He steps on one and lucky doesn't get caught by the stinger.

Meanwhile, AK is still feeling helpless and Jason continues to struggle to catch a ray. He comes back empty-handed and AK tells him her eyes seem to be getting worst. He's now concerned and hopes her will-power is intact.

The irritation seems to have worn off and the next day they decide to make a second shelter just incase. She knows the rainy season has just begun but Jason is worried about exerting himself on a second shelter.

Jason sets out to find some food and he is hellbent on catching a ray. AK is going to build their second shelter incase the rain gets the best of them. Jason returns empty handed and it doesn't look like they will be having food this evening.

AK then begins to feel irritated once again with bumps all over her. She is covered in a rash and once again she seems to be reacting once again.

She feels the emotions again and it looks like Jason's nervous about her condition.

He knew that it was a bad idea to head out to the canopy and AK's condition just continues. She is handling it better and it seems to be wearing off. She got up to help Jason and give the challenge everything she has.

They only manage to snack on tiny crabs along the way but they need substantial protein.

Jason continues to hunt and AK continues to build a second shelter. They really aren't working together and it's going to take a toll on their team.

On night 12, Jason hears rustling around them and heads to check on it but ends up burning his foot on some coal. The burn is excruciatingly painful and all AK can think about is building the second shelter. She asks Jason if he wants to come but he refuses because he thinks the idea is crazy.

By day 14 Jason still hasn't had much luck catching a sting-ray.

He decides to take a nap which isn't going over well with AK. Jason is annoyed with the fact that she'd rather build her shelter than help him catch food.

It quickly boils over that night when AK asks for a bit more sleeping room. They argue over the work each other is doing and Jason explodes on AK. She tries to scoot over and Jason tells her to to get away from him. The next day there is pure awkwardness but they both understand they were tired and hungry, so frustration set in.

They decide to put both their efforts towards seeking food. AK and Jason will work together to catch a sting-ray.

AK will scope while Jason walks on. She spots something in the water, let's him know where it is and he strikes on a huge sting-ray.

Their teamwork has landed them a huge source of protein. Their relationship looks to be better and while Jason cleans the fish, AK builds a cooking top. This is one of the most successful food hunts with a huge reward.

They begin feasting on the large sting-ray and still have enough meat to last them a few more days.

They wisely preserved the 25 pound sting-ray to make sure they are ready for extraction day. They can now relax and enjoy their surroundings, but not for long.

Rain sets in and it seems relentless. It looks like AK's shelter might come in handy but the river is rising very rapidly. They race to the top of the canopy where AK's shelter awaits them.

They ponder their next step incase it floods. Jason now sees why his partner was working so hard on the second shelter.

The rain continues to pour through the night as well as the next day. The sun finally comes out and they are hoping the water level goes down.

The water has returned to normal by extraction day and they learn that the shelter is trashed and the meat is gone. They build a raft to get them down the river to their extraction point. They will have to navigate through five miles of river and escape deadly predators like cayman and rays. They begin thinking about the dangers below them including sharp rocks and tree limbs in the shallow areas.

Bleeding in the water is not good because predators can sense the blood. They reach the end of the river where their ride out of the jungles of Guyana awaits them.

AK succeeded her second time around and she finishes with a PSR of 6.8 while Jason finishes with a 7.1.

"Redemption Road" was filled with flaring tempers and made for some very entertaining television on "Naked and Afraid." It's safe to say it was one of the more controversial episodes which seems to be the trend for of the past couple of episodes.

Things get utterly real when venturing out into jungles like Guyana. Fans can catch another all new "Naked and Afraid" next week on Sunday at 10 PM EST on Discovery.