'Naked and Afraid' Recap: 'Afften & Zack' Season 4 Episode 4, 'Edge of Madness'

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The "ball of awesomeness" Afften Deshazer and the self-proclaimed survivalist Zack Buck strip naked to take on the wild untouched territory of Guyana on tonight's "Edge of Madness" episode of Discovery's "Naked and Afraid."

Right off the bat 27-year-old Afften (Twitter) out of Chicago, Illinois is extremely fit and seems as if she's extremely outgoing and ready to get naked in the wilderness. Afften (Facebook) learned most of her survival skills from her grandfather who is part Cherokee Indian.

He told her to trust the wilderness and make sure you don't fight nature. Her skills include "Fire Building, Shelter Building, Trapping, Land Navigation and Berry Knowledge," however, none of her skills have been tested given her a PSR of 6.0.

"Being raised on a 40-acre horse farm in Indiana, Afften's love of nature and animals started young," according to Discovery.

"She has a 'one with Earth' attitude that was triggered by always being outdoors with plenty of space.

Having a real Native American Mound in her backyard woods, she often found arrowheads which sparked her interest in learning about primitive survival skills."

26-year-old Zack (Twitter) from St. Louis, Missouri, seems to be a bit more mellow. He's wilderness field instructor who says Discovery channel shows are what got him into to survivalist training.

He is very concerned about the heat as the country is right on the equator. Zach's (Facebook) skills of "Primitive Fire, Primitive Weapons, Tarp Shelters, Water Purification and Tracking" begins his journey with an overall PSR of 6.8.

"Zack grew up in the woods of Missouri, where he learned to make the outdoors his playground," according to Discovery. "When he was not outside in the creek playing with his cousins, he was at football practice."

Both Afften and Zach have a great sense of humor about being naked and because they are both in relationships it shouldn't pose a problem.

However, the wilderness will take a toll on the two especially when it comes to dealing with heat exhaustion and getting along.

Two strong personalities can only bring tension but they need to work together to make it out of the situation.

They have brought a fire starter, pot and a machete along with a map. They are dropped into a harsh untouched savannah with large poisonous snakes and deadly cayman. They make their way over to a watering hold area while discussing the fact that they're both married and obviously naked.

Zack uses some mud as sunscreen but Afften is reluctant and he sees that as a pretty bad first choice. Afften is already becoming dehydrated and she's sweating her butt off to where it's affecting her brain.

Zack gets the fire going and the two venture off to get some water to boil for drinking. He's worried that Afften might pass out and she's already feeling stifled by Zack's constant questioning her. Afften is just walking around dong a lot of complaining but she also appears to be really sick and begins to throw up.

Zack tries to support her as much as possible while she goes through the motions. At night there are some pretty strange and scary noises that wake them up. It looks like a cayman is getting close.

Zack begins yelling as if it would be scared of him however, they make it through the night unscathed. The two suffer from sleep deprivation and heat exhaustion. While Afften wants to explore, Zack is pretty set on getting rest but still agrees to go exploring.

They try looking for some food however they aren't making much leeway and Afften gets sick again. Zack knows that the idea wasn't smart and Afften gets really emotional.

They both seem annoyed with each other at this point and haven't been working together.

Zack is having anxiety about their current situation and it's not helping him sleep. He is in turn emotional and begins crying because he has to do everything on his own. As Afften and Zack search for food, they come across a turtle who could be really good for food.

Afften is in charge of keep the turtle at bay, however, she is pretty terrified of being bitten by it. They take their turtle and snake back to their shelter and cook it.

Zach is carrying the load and doing all the work and it's making him emotional. All Afften wants to do is lay in the water while Zack cooks and keeps the fire going.

They finally butt heads when Afften refuses to eat the food. Zack sends his wife a message drawing strength from her. As Afften continues to complain while sitting in water hole it continues to annoy her partner. By day 7, Afften is suffering more than ever and Zack tries to talk her into hanging in there.

She's been throwing up everyday at least once and Afften finally says she wants her family more than she wants to be there. She says that she is tapping out and Zack says that's fine.

Now, the odds are stacked against him because he has to survive all on his own. Guyana proved to be too much for Afften.

The lonely Zack has to talk himself through the final 14 days in Guyana. He gathers some bugs for dinner and night one without his partner takes a toll on him mentally. The next day he's really trying to find protein fast before a storm comes in.

He catches and beheads a large iguana and continues to be thankful for all his catches. He prepares the tail and has what may be considered a feast for dinner.

The mosquitoes are getting to him more than anything and he's beginning to lose it.

On night 18 he begins praying heavily for the mental strength and guidance so that he can move forward. The next day it looks like Zack can not move his body and a doctor is called in to check on him. He has 102.5 temperature and it's not looking good for him.

That night he prays harder than ever before asking for the lords assistance. His mental stamina begins to wear away. Afften is home and in a little message asks for another shot claiming that she "malfunctioned."

Zack is not in good health and it looks like he will have to start his extraction earlier making the trip a two day affair. If he does become ill, he will have to be taken into medical care. He begins his two day trek and comes face to face with a bush master snake that he quickly avoids it.

He spots a cave where he plans on spending the night. There are bats flying all around him at night but he survives to see the final day.

The medic team is on alert and Zack continues to doubt himself. He makes his way down to what looks like the extraction point and he has made it.

Zack lost 28 pounds but because of his perseverance, his PSR raised to a 8.1 while Afften's dropped to 4.4.

"Edge of Madness" shows what can happen when things get a little too hot. Weather isn't always the first thing that survivalists think about as a set back but it can cause a ton of damage.

Especially in a place like Guyana. Fans of "Naked and Afraid" can catch an all new episode of next week at 10 PM EST on Discovery.