'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: Sparks Fly, But No Reconciliation for Whitney and Lennie

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Here we are: the season finale of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. This is the second of a two-part episode, the first part of which we covered here.

Did Whitney Way Thore and Lennie Alehat get back together? What will that obnoxious comedian say next? And what does the next season hold? Now we find out the explosive conclusion to the episode.

This episode is a continuation of an interview hosted by Shaun Robinson and featuring Whitney Way Thore, Glenn Thore, Babs Thore, Hunter Thore, and their friends.

For those of you who didn't see the first part of the interview, here's a clip:

Lennie's Return to My Big Fat Fabulous Life

At the end of the previous episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, we see Lennie Alehat enter the studio as Whitney Way Thore looks on. This episode opens with Lennie and Whitney sitting together. They are a bit nervous, but they are happy to see each other again.

We then see a clip of Lennie showing little interest in marrying Whitney. Lennie expands on the clip by saying that he feels he wasn't with Whitney long enough to get married.

But he says he did like Whitney's attitude toward her weight -- being proud instead of worrying about "what's wrong with you" (Lennie's words). Quite a strange response.

The conversation between the two continues as Whitney Way Thore expresses her concerns about Lennie's many disappearances.

After showing a clip of the two arguing, Shaun asks Lennie if he was trying to avoid Whitney; Lennie denies it, although both say they trusted each other fully.

And then, the bombshell: essentially out of the blue, Lennie says: "I still love you..I respect you and everything...I'm still into you...but..." Shaun responds with "but what?" And Whitney then says "are you trying to get back together on national TV?" Lennie pauses and says "no." He says he needs time but he will always be there for Whitney.

Whitney Way Thore: Letting Go

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life season finale continues with Whitney Way Thore telling Lennie that she missed him; Lennie returns the sentiment, and they both start to hold hands. Lennie then says "I still love you."

Shaun finally asks what the next season will hold for the couple.

Whitney is amenable to having Lennie back, but Lennie's response is "I'll text you." We'll have to wait to see if Lennie appears in the next season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life...

More importantly, if he does, what will happen between him and Whitney?

Whitney Way Thore: "I Like Smelling Armpits"

The next segment begins with Shaun Robinson's describing Whitney Way Thore's time on the radio. Shaun plays an embarrassing clip of Whitney's being unable to fit into a chair at work.

In discussing her co-worker Roy, she goes into a discussion of how much she enjoys smelling armpits.

Although there appeared to be some sparks between Roy and Whitney, Whitney says that "there are ergonomic issues" about the two of them being together. She does, however, admit that she thought about Roy romantically.

The Fat Shamer Returns to My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Kerryn Feehan, the "comedian," is back. Shaun Robinson plays a clip of the infamous incident on he radio where Kerryn shames Whitney Way Thore.

Kerryn comes in to the studio ready for a brawl, constantly hurling attacks at Whitney and her friends.

Kerryn says shes "calling bull****" because Whitney doesn't discuss negative consequences about her health. Kerryn follows up by saying that Whitney "waddle[s]" and continuing to insult her. After Kerryn starts insulting Babs, Whitney decides to walk out of the studio.

The rest of the group are left in the studio looking confused.

After an awkward pause, Buddy calls Kerryn "pathetic," and in response, she walks out of the studio as well. But she is clearly unapologetic, as she turns to the camera and says "where is [Whitney]? Somebody get her a doughnut!"

After a break, Kerryn and Whitney return to the studio, where Kerryn attempts an apology.

But it's clearly not sincere; she continues to insult Whitney. After Kerryn makes a few more nasty comments, Shaun decides to kick the obnoxious "comedian" off the show.

My Big Fat Fabulous Future?

What's next for Whitney Way Thore? Mr Piggy will be remaining part of the family, huge plans are ahead for Whitney's dance career, and maybe there will be a reconciliation for Whitney and Lennie...

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