Must Watch: A Hilarious Dad Troll His Kid With An iPad Obsession, Kids These Days

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Technology has yielded some pretty tech-obsessed kids in the 21rst Century. One dad finds the perfect way to troll his son who can't seem to get enough of the game on his iPad.

(Video Below)

In a video posted to the andriagee YouTube Channel, a father attempts to have a conversation with his son after picking him up from school. Most kids these days are obsessed with their smartphones and tablets.

Whether it's texting, social media or games on the devices, some kids just couldn't care less about the world around them.

This dad however, takes full notice of the situation and uses it as a way to troll his son without him even knowing.

The son sits in the back seat eyes glued to the game without a care in the world. When his father tries to have a conversation with him, he notices that his son isn't responding or even acknowledging the questions at all.

So, the dad begins having a conversation with himself by mocking the voice of what would be his sons response.

It continues down to the end of the "iPad Over Dad" video where the father tells his son, Leo, "I love you," and even then he has to respond to himself once more.

Check out the hilarious dad trolling his oblivious son below.