Hip - Hop's Love Triangle: Drake And Rihanna Together, Chris Brown Is Ballin'

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Rihanna still wants to feel like the only girl in the world.

Mail Online has reported that Rihanna went to watch a charity basketball game on Thursday, in which her ex, Chris Brown was playing in. The two broke up after a now infamous domestic violence dispute in early 2009 and ever since things haven't been the same.

Although the two tried to rekindle their flame the newest story is that Rihanna is back with her other ex, Drake. For this reason its a bit odd that she chose to go to Brown's Basketball game.

As for the "Diamonds" singer and her rekindled romance with Drake, a Chris Brown source has gone on record with Hollywood Life saying "If that makes Drake happy, you know, go for it.

Chris isn't really concerned about Drake being with his ex.

He really thinks everyone should be happy and if Drake is trying to be content with that, more power to him." Obviously Brown is still confident in himself and that goes without saying after getting back with his ex Karrueche Tran.

As for Drake in all this, he simply wants to reignite his passion with Rhianna without giving a full commitment. A source told Hollywood exclusive that he "Misses that fun, that spark, that energy and connection they had, that sex appeal.

That passion in bed.

He misses all that and wouldn't mind hopping on the ride for the next month or so and turning up with her." Apparently Drake and Rihanna are friend with benefits again but will we ever see them become a full fledged couple?