Get To Know: Wild Child

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Wild Child, an upcoming indie-folk band from the heart of Austin, Texas, just released their sophomore album last week, titled The Runaround and we've got the interview.

The six-member band consists of Alexander Beggins on lead vocals and baritone ukulele, Kelsey Wilson on lead vocals and violin, Evan Magers on vocals and keyboards, Carey McGraw on vocals and drums, Sadie Wolfe on cello, Chris D'Annunzio on bass and James Bookert on banjo.

The co-ed group took off in early September and plans to travel through the end of October for their fall tour, with all along the East Coast and throughout Texas.

Some major stops include Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York City, Pittsburgh and of course their hometown, Austin.

Wild Child gave Empty Lighthouse the pleasure of answering some questions in a recent email interview so that you could get to know the indie-folk band, for they are here to stay.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: When did you get your start in music, and how?
WILD CHILD: Kelsey grew up classically trained playing the violin.

I (Alexander Beggins) grew up with a stocked music room at my dad's house and kind of just picked up a variety of instruments.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: How did you meet each other?
WILD CHILD: We met while we were on the road with a band from Denmark, The Migrant. Kelsey was playing violin and I was playing the accordion. We kept a baritone ukulele in the van because it was so small.

We started writing little songs on long drives, and Kelsey and I discovered that we had a really strong writing connection. We wrote the majority of our first album on that tour.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: Who have your musical influences been?
WILD CHILD: We pull a huge variety of influences. On any given day in the van you will hear some classics like The Beatles, some 90's hip-hop jams and some reggae.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: Can any of your musical influences be heard in your own sound?
WILD CHILD: I don't really know what influences can be heard in our music.

We don't try to sound like anyone. We write music for ourselves, it's an outlet.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: What has been your most memorable experience in the industry? What about while touring?
WILD CHILD: I remember the first time we heard the crowd sing a song of ours louder than we were singing. I never forget it, it was beautiful.

As for while touring? Van dance parties and Kelsey spraying mace at Andrew from the Whiskey Shivers face.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: What are your plans for after touring?
WILD CHILD: More touring!

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: What 3 things would you take on a stranded island?
WILD CHILD: Kelsey would take the extended version of Water World (it's like a million hours long) and I'd bring a three piece suit and a snow cone machine.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: Anything else you would like old fans, new fans and readers to know?
WILD CHILD: Kelsey would live at Whole Foods if she could. Evan is addicted to Candy Crush on his phone. Sadie is good at finding funny pictures on the internet.

Carey can rap better than anyone you know or will ever meet. Chris has radical feet tattoos and doesn't like beef jerky (crazy right?!). And I (Alexander) am watching Godfather II right now.

Be sure to dance and sing along with Wild Child at one of their many stops on their fall tour, and visit their website,, for updates on more tour dates and releases!