The Music World Needs More J. Cole

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Rapper J. Cole made history in the new age by becoming one of the few rappers whose album went platinum without a single feature on it.

The music spoke for itself and in these times, the music world needs more J. Cole.

J. Cole is a special artist.

When he releases music it's like magic and the reception for the majority of his career has been warm. He speaks from the heart and he speaks his mind on tragedies and injustices that plague minorities.

He is the voice of a generation who is taking witness of complete turmoil and social, economic and racially uneasy times. His voice matters because when he speaks, sings or raps, we all listen.

He captivates us with a story or sends a message that inspires us to use our own mind and think for ourselves.

This bright star in hip-hop released 2014 Forest Hills Drive at the tail end of 2014, which was some of the most honest music hip-hop had heard in quite some time.

His intelligence shines through his interviews where he speaks freely on matters that many are scared to hold a conversation about.

Now it has been a little while since J. Cole has released a new project for his fans and after the hectic tour and his energy, which was poured into every performance, it's completely understandable.

However, now, right now, the music world could use a little spoken or knowledge through music from J. Cole. Here's to hoping he comes back with some special very soon.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to one of his upcoming shows if you happen to be in the Washington area.

"Hip-hop singer J. Cole will open the 21-night Washington State Fair concert series when he performs Sept. 2. The show is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m.," according to TheNewsTribune.

We'll just continue vibing along to 2014 Forest Hills Drive.