Munchkin The Teddy Bear Shih Tzu Is Back: This Time Strolling On The Beach

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The internets new favorite teddy bear dog is back and this time Munchkin looks to be taking a very funny stroll along the beach.

(Video Below)

From the treadmill to running around the house, Munchkin the Teddy Bear Shih Tzu has been seeing shares all over Facebook and Twitter.

It is literally one of the funniest and most creative ways to turn dogs, that are already fluffy and lovable into something completely cute and adorable.

In this video Munchkin takes a stroll on the beach and runs right up to the camera. By Now the little pup must be use to being filmed in the Teddy Bear suit and though viewers have all caught on to the trick it makes the videos no less adorable.

According to the YouTube channel for Munchkin, she was born on June 30, 2011.

The real question in all of this is how long before the Teddy bear suits start appearing on everyday dogs going for a stroll in the park?

Watch Munchkin The Teddy Bear Shih Tzu On The Beach Stroll