Mumford & Sons Film 'The Wolf' at Bonnaroo

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One of Bonnaroo's headliners, Mumford & Sons spent forty eight hours running around the festival grounds.

Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane dressed up in costume in order to shoot a music video for their song "The Wolf" off of their recent album, "Wilder Mind."

The video posted on the Mumford & Sons' Vevo page was a collaboration with filmmaker Marcus Haney. Dressed a chicken, a fox, Robin Hood, and a bride the four-piece ran around Bonnaroo, taking part in any attractions that were offered. There are scenes of the band on the ferris wheel and climbing up and down the blow up slide.

Ed Helms appears in a cameo. Marcus Mumford shoots a water bottle off of a stranger's head with his bow and suction-cup arrow. The video mixes the clips of their day out with parts of their live performance.

"Wilder Mind," is the bands third album.

The band had taken a break back in 2013, after the startling success of their second album "Babel." The new album trades the bands trademark banjo and folk sound for a little more electric guitars and keyboards.

The band played a two-hour set on Bonnaroo's main stage, which is featured in the video.

Mumford & Sons - The Wolf