MTV 'Catfish' Recap: Season 5 Episode 19 - Luis and Sydney -- and Monique -- and Nae?

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On tonight's episode of MTV's Catfish we meet a man named Luis Pena. Luis believes he has a relationship with a single mother named Sydney. But is it true?

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Luis is a 30-year-old construction worker from Newburgh, NY who has three children. It was five months ago when he met the woman who he thought was the love of his life - Sydney.

He was online one day when a "people you may know" link showed up that pointed to a 22-year old woman named Sydney.

He had never heard of anybody named Sydney, but he decided to message her anyway - especially after seeing her profile. As soon as he started talking to her, he thought there was a connection.

Sydney seemed to be in an especially bad place when Luis contacted her. Her boyfriend, who was the father of her seven-month-old child, had left, and she was forced to take care of her child as well as her six-year-old sister because her mother was in jail.

Sydney's grandmother -- whom she was also caring for -- recently passed away, leaving Sydney and her child with nowhere to stay.

Luis believes that Sydney is currently staying with her daughter in a homeless shelter. She has asked Luis for money, which he has given her.

Luis has never seen any pictures of Sydney, and she's been unwilling to video chat with him.

She has also never posted pictures of her daughter with her.

And Luis says that when he sent money to Sydney, he sent it with a password, because Sydney claims she "doesn't have an ID." Nevertheless, he thinks he is in love and wants to ask her to move in with him.

Check out the clip below:

So the Catfish team -- Nev and Max -- try to seek out Sydney. They first fly to Newburgh, NY to meet with Luis.

Luis says he fell in love with Sydney because she is caring and not obsessed with herself.

He tells the Catfish team that he has spoken to Sydney several times over the phone, but he hasn't seen her because she claims that the camera on her phone is broken (if you watch Catfish a lot, that sounds very familiar).

While the Catfish team is at Luis' house, Sydney calls and reiterates the story -- Nev and Max agree that she sounds genuine.

After leaving Luis' house, the Catfish team goes to a cafe to begin their search. They immediately find Sydney's phone number on the Internet.

One site says the number belongs to a guy named Tom in Dallas. Another says it belongs to someone named "Nae."

The guys then try an image search -- the images of Sydney belong to a woman named Monique, who has been charged with several crimes, including forgery, conspiracy to commit larceny, and interfering with a police officer.

So is Monique Sydney? One thing is for sure: Luis isn't talking to the woman he thinks he's talking to.

When the Catfish team returns to Luis' house, they tell him about "Nae" and Monique. Neither name is familiar to Luis, so they decide the next step is to call Sydney. She doesn't answer, but Nev leaves a message.

It's not long before Sydney calls back, and Nev talks to her. She doesn't want to meet with Nev, and she gives her typical story. They bring up Monique, and in response, Sydney claims Monique stole her pictures.

Eventually the Catfish team convinces Sydney to meet them and Luis.

They fly to Dallas and plan to meet Sydney in a park. They arrive and see a woman -- but not the one from the pictures.

They approach the woman and she says her same is Nae. She admits that she's the person Luis has been talking to. She had found Monique's photos randomly, and she made up everything else.

Nae tells the Catfish team that the story of her mother, her grandmother, and the shelter are untrue. She does have a baby for whom she needed money -- and she says that she used Luis to get money for the baby.

She said she did all of this because she was in a bad situation, but she says she's not a con. She only did it because she absolutely had to. But Luis isn't buying it.

Nae says she really did care for Luis and that she does have feelings for him.

She says she originally wanted to stop talking to him, but she fell in love with him -- "he's great." Luis, though, says he feels like a "dumbass." Nae says she wants to be friends, but Luis doesn't know.

The Catfish team decides to come back and see Nae the next day. Back at the hotel, Nev and Luis discuss the situation.

Luis says he's mad that he let the situation get this far. He wants Nae to understand what she did wrong and realize that she can't do this in front of her daughter.

Later, the Catfish team goes to Nae's ramshackle home and they sit down with her.

Nae says she was hurt because Luis didn't have as much of a reaction as she had expected.

Given that they had a connection, she expected Luis to be devastated by the day's revelations, but he didn't appear that way when she revealed herself to him.

The guys continue to grill Nae...And suddenly, she turns everything around and says that this whole thing didn't matter to her at all.

She didn't care about Luis, she didn't care about hurting his feelings, and she doesn't feel bad for lying.

She says that being a mother, she has to do whatever she needs to do to get food on the table - and that's what she did.

She said that even though she's a scam artist, she became dependent on Luis and felt the two of them needed each other.

At the end of the episode, the Catfish guys tell Nae that she needs to recalibrate and start telling the truth.

Nae claims that she's never going to do this again. Luis says he hopes Nae can change her ways, and he wishes her good luck.

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