MTV Catfish Recap: John & Kelsey Chat Room Romance

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Nev and Max are back at it this week with a story about a guy John pretty smitten with a girl named Kelsey.

Listen guys, seriously, this comes across as a good episode though maybe it is because the last couple were very very terrible.

First of all, this story starts in a chat room which we all know is a pretty huge red flag.

And like many other stories, they have never had a video chat. In this case, Max says it right: Love makes you stupid.

And even though this one seems obvious, we've all been irrationally in love (or infatuated) before so calm down. And that irrational mental state comes through on this one because they are dealing with someone in IT, who should absolutely be able to track this girl. Nev and Max start off smart and start talking to the rest of the chat group.

They get a lead through that strategy and it seems like this little chat group is like one big conversational orgy. They all seem to flirt and try to date each other.

They talk to a girl from the Faroe Islands who is pretty cute, but also seems to be getting Catfished. Craziness.

The guys start talking to Kelsey via chat and get an address. All signs are pointing to a positive experience. The boys head the address and they start having a problem finding the place, turns out shes not even there but at a cafe. So the guys pull up and the cafe doesn't seem to be real. This is one of those heart pumping moments the show often gives you.

The cafe is a weird casino site and Kelsey turns out to be... dun dun dun... some dude messing with everyone.

Here is another dick who likes to mess with everyone and he is certainly proud of it. Max gets pissed off and storms off but that part is obviously staged.

Honestly what did John expect? No video chat, no voice chat, it was all pretty obvious. They tell the cute girl from the Faroe Islands (love her accent) and she is shocked too. The catfisher is pretty much a psychopath explaining how he manipulated Ellie (Faroe Islands) to learn about her and 'seduce here'. Ugh.

But Nev and Max get her on video chat to confront the situation. She gets transported into the cafe via laptop which was awesome because it took him completely by surprise.

It really ends on a sour note and that catfisher was one strange dude.

Hopefully he drops the chat rooms and develops a normal porn addiction just like every other young male. And in the follow-up video chat, it seems like a vaguely positive ending.

Side note, after watching his mannerisms, do you think Nev is kind of a dick in real life? I mean he is the host of his own MTV show and before that, the star of his own documentary, but he just kind of seems like he wouldn't be fun at parties in real life.