Catfish Recap: Solana & Elijah Drama

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Catfish is back in a big way with the story of Solana (her Twitter) who is seeking her online love by the name of Elijah Prok. This one apparently goes way back to the days of MySpace and was recently picked up again on Facebook.

Cheers to Catfish on this story-line, it's a welcome change compared to the last few episodes.

Again, this story seems sketchy from the start. No video chats ever, and the last time they talked on the phone was 6 years ago.

The show pushes a 'love triangle' in this episode but that's not really the point of the episode... plus the real boyfriend doesn't seem to care too much.

The research gets underway, and a theory develops that 'Elijah' could actually be a girl. Then the guys discover that there are a ton of pages with the name Elijah Prok and even videos with tons of views. Upon revealing all this to Solana, big red flags from her pop up immediately.

Some texting begins back and forth, and they start the journey to meet up. As the show loves to do, pulling up to the house gets the heart pumping.

An average looking guy comes out of the house and tells them to come inside to meet Elijah. He goes downstairs to get 'Elijah' and leaves them in the living room for what feels like an eternity.

This really gets the blood pumping heavy, seriously this one gives you a bit of a rush. Everyone half expected the elephant man to walk up.

And what's the verdict? It's really him. Pretty surprising actually, but what it boils down to is that this guy is a bit of a loser. No job, living at home and pandering to his parents, though granted he's only 20.

Also have to mention this guys hair. If you need to witness the intense madness that is this guys hair, here's a pic.

The meeting between the two is pretty awkward, enhanced by the fact that there are cameras on them.

In the end, Elijah bizarrely wants to get matching tattoos with her and shes actually up for it. She'll regret that tattoo later.

She chooses her current boyfriend Danny over the newly met Elijah. This episode was particularly sweet and had all the makings of a classic Catfish. Well done MTV.