MovieBob Reviews 'Pixels': The Movie That Got Everything Wrong

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It should come to no shock for anyone that Adam Sandler's recent attempt to get himself out of the cycle of horrible movies has failed.

"Pixels" bombed this weekend at the box office and one reviewer hits all the points on why the movie, that should have been easy money, got everything wrong.

"Pixels" runs off of a borrowed idea that aliens have misinterpreted the samples of out culture that we've sent off into space as a declaration of war. That already calls for an interesting in depth look at human's tendency for violence.

It also has the same nostalgia pull as "Wreck-It Ralph" which did very well when released. The difference is that "Pixels" seems to gather all of the worst gamer stereotype and meld them together.

MovieBob took a crack at reviewing the movie. His apparent dislike of the movie is obvious in the first few seconds. He continues the video to talk about the absolutely revolting topics that the movie brings into play.

Like woman being actually trophies, or gamers being nothing more than lazy, dirty, man-children.

He also talks about the moments when the film shows a potential to be something better but never follows it through.

The review is way better than the movie will ever by and you won't have to waste your money to watch it.

MovieBob Reviews: PIXELS (2015)

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