Move Over Star Wars Adorable Reaction to Star Trek Next Generation

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While much of the talk this year is surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there is another futuristic Sci-Fi series/film that has a pretty big fan following and it goes by the name of Star Trek.

In the video below a little boy gets pretty excited and gives a play by play of what happens during the intro of Star Trek Next Generation.

While Star Wars is going for all sorts of records in ticket sales other fans are taking to the Star Trek path.

The longstanding show also has it's loyal following and it looks like the younger generation is even excited about it. The video below was discovered on Reddit and originally posted to the Michael McHenry Official YouTube Channel.

The little one in the video is giving a play by play as the space ships fly on and off the screen. His dad even asks him if he can say data and the little guy does so without a problem.

He seemed completely amazed by the spaceship.

Meanwhile, his little brother in the corner is just trying to make sense of it all.

Either way the video makes for an adorable reaction and proves that Star Wars fans aren't the only ones who are passionate about their franchise.

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