The Most Shocking RKO: 'Guy RKO's Elderly Woman'

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This might be one of the most shocking RKO's yet as a man walks up to an elderly old lady and delivers the blow.

The reason? Well, it looks like the attacker was trying to send a "message to white people who say the 'N' word," according to the video.

(Video Below)

"This is a message to all you white people," said the attacker in the video that was originally posted to Reddit.

"If you're going to say the 'N' word, I don't care if you're a man, woman or child, this is what's going to happen."

The attacker then walked over to an elderly lady tapped her on the shoulder and delivered a failed RKO. The Elderly lady did not budge and it seemed as she was just angry and shocked.

She asked the boy if he was on drugs as his friends all watched and recorded the incident going down.

The video is now going viral on WorldStarHipHop and it might be for very good reason. This is a bit disturbing so we'd caution you before viewing.

Watch the shocking RKO video below.