The Most Badass 'The Hunger Games' Fan Art on deviantArt Right Now

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As "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1" rocks it out at the box office, fans of the series are rocking it out at deviantArt.

The community at deviantArt has no limit of talented folks who create beautiful work inspired by their love for "The Hunger Games" franchise.

When it comes to epic adventures with ever-spanning worlds, (see also: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter), sometimes a Hollywood blockbuster franchise and best-selling book series isn't enough to satisfy the craving to be a part of the story.

That's where fan art comes in.

We can thank fan art and fan fiction for taking our wildest fandom fantasies where they've never gone before: in epic cos-play, or on sneakers, baked into cupcakes or painted on nails.

Check out these artists who have mastered their mind's eye, and rendered the essence of "The Hunger Games" into an original, inspired work of art.

These re-imagined book covers.

Hunger Games Books Cover by sanjota on deviantART

These kick ass kicks.

They come arena-ready.

The Hunger Games Trilogy by alcat2021 on deviantART

This cos-player.

Who is ready to ruin you.

Hunger Games by MD-Arts on deviantART

This "girl" on fire.

The Hunger Games... by CraigHadfield on deviantART

These revolutionary cupcakes.

Deadly delicious.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Cupcakes by cakecrumbs on deviantART

This fab team token.

Effie approved.

Hunger Games Cuff by Peaceofshine on deviantART

This minimalist character depiction.

The Hunger Games by johnisorena on deviantART

And this reminder that Katniss will cut you.

The Hunger Games by Patsie on deviantART

...or blow you up.

...whichever comes first.

Katniss Everdean, Hovercraft Slayer by Colourbrand on deviantART

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