The Most Adorable 'American Ninja Warrior' Completing His Course

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Normally when fans are watching "American Ninja Warrior" you cringe out of fear of one of the contestants failing or getting hurt.

This is completely different. An adorable toddler wants to make an early bid for the show by completing his course in the sweetest manner.

(Video Below)

"American Ninja Warrior" may be a guilty pleasure for many but one little guy happens to be a big fan.

The video below was posted to the Kimberly Koge YouTube Channel and shows her son Yoshi completing his own backyard course.

"My toddler is obsessed with American Ninja Warrior, so my husband made him a course today, and he killed it!" according to the caption of the video.

There are so many cute aspects to this video.

From how serious the little one is taking the challenge to the careful, tiny yet swift steps. We dare you to find one of the "American Ninja Warrior" contestants who have completed the challenge and made you say "aww."

Watch Yoshi complete the backyard "American Ninja Warrior" challenge below.