Is More New Mac Miller Music on the Way?

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If you didn't believe that Mac Miller is one of the hardest working acts in hip-hop right now then we suggest you look at his production in the last couple of months.

Miller brought fans an incredible album with GO:OD AM and an instrumental album through his producer moniker Larry Fisherman. Now it looks like more new Mac Miller music is on the way.

Just a week after the release of Run-On Sentences Vol. 2 there are signs of new Miller tracks, however, titles and release dates are eluding us.

What we do know is that Miller did receive a beat pack from producer Metro Boomin, which could point signs to some pretty trap heavy hits.

Miller recently retweeted producer S C O T Y who claimed that what he heard from Miller was crazy. The nature in which the tweet was written speaks epic volumes as to what may come and fans can only hope that they won't have to wait too long until it does.

Miller will be a bit distracted with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs and all but if they happen to go all the way and win Super Bowl 50 who knows maybe Miller will give fans a taste of this new music as a form of celebration.

Either way it might be a little while until we hear some definitive statements from Miller regarding the project he is working on.