'Mom Pranks Kid on 8th Birthday' Kid takes it very well

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Parents have a wicked sense of humor. Usual at the expense of their kids. This mother decided to prank her son on his eighth birthday by pretending to be angry with him.

Parent's pranks are some of the best pranks pulled off. Kids never see it coming.

A parent pretending to be angry can be alerting especially if one can't remember doing anything wrong.

The mom, Marj B, posted a video of herself pretending to be angry with her son for ordering something online or off the TV without her knowledge.

The son looks understandably surprised about it because of course he doesn't remember doing anything he wasn't supposed to. He doesn't put up much of an argument, surprise must have been too much for him.

The mom eventually makes her son open the package to reveal an iPod touch she bought for his birthday.

There are some really cute moments like when the son starts to open the package the mom has to hide her face quick because she's trying not to smile.

Mom pranks kid on 8th birthday