Mob Wives Season Five Ep. Two Recap: It's All About Natalie

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Last week showed that tensions are at an all-time high between the Mob Wives cast members.

The appropriately named season, "Trust No One," has turned all of the former friends against each other. With Karen's return and Natalie's new alliance with Drita and Big Ang, this episode proved to be a continuance in the drama.

Between episodes, Renee took to Twitter to spew venom at her obvious foes while doing a little promotion for the next episode. She claimed she would never wait a year to tell a friend information they need to hear, an obvious stab at Natalie.

Last week, Natalie decided to tell Drita over drinks that Renee constantly bad-mouthed her and her family the previous year, when Natalie and Renee were briefly friends. This ignited Drita's anger.

Although Natalie Is supposedly "not worth" Karen's breath, she sure does spend a lot of time using it to talk about her. Karen has decided to rally against Natalie in full force.

Natalie meanwhile, is unconcerned because Karen is a no-good "rat," like her "murderer father." Karen won't be happy when she hears that, that's for sure.

Drita has decided to meet with Renee, which starts with Drita immediately confronting Renee about calling her a rat. Renee knows without it even being said that the words came from Natalie and Renee vehemently denies the accusations.

Renee gives Drita an ultimatum: believe Natalie's word or hers. Drita, now face to face with her, believes Renee and her anger becomes re-directed to Natalie for lying.

Drita and Big Ang briefly hang out with Karen, but who know how long the peace will last for. When Big Ang brings up she's inviting Natalie to a get together, Karen rehashes the exact details of why the two aren't friends, nothing that hasn't been heard before.

She brings up the social media war the two had and indicates she is not backing down from the fight.

Things reach a boiling point when Drita goes to confront Natalie in a similar manner she did Renee. She confronts Natalie right off the back with Renee's accusations; as predictable as ever, Natalie denies lying.

So who's telling the truth? And what the heck is a "cop-caller," the word that Karen claims Natalie is. Apparently being a "cop-caller" is a serious blow; Natalie is shocked.

The question of whether or not Storm, Karen's boyfriend (featured for the first time in this episode) gave Natalie and her boyfriend trouble is being called into question. Things get really heated when everyone shows up at Big Ang's event. As per usual, Natalie is at the center of controversy and goes face to face with Karen. Both Storm and London are present, so things get extra-out of hand.Even though they become cool with each other, Natalie becomes offended by some vague comments Storm makes in her presence.

She begins fighting with her boyfriend, her friends, her enemies.. pretty much every one. Things culminate with the fighting between Karen and her coming to blows, and we're left with the sound of police sirens.

What lies in store for Natalie? What happened between her and Karen and what does that mean for the rest of the girls? Check out next week's episode three recap to find out.