Misha Collins Holds Annual International Scavenger hunt, 'gishwhes'

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The annual Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, "GISHWHES" for short, begins next month.

The hunt is hosted by "Supernatural" star, Misha Collins and is partnered with the Random Acts of Kindness.

"GISHWHES" gathers participants from over one hundred countries into teams of 15. The teams can be made up by a participant with their friends and family or the participant can be matched up with fifteen other players across the globe. The teams are are given a week to fulfill the tasks on the hunt list.

The team's document their completed task through pictures and video. Teams get points for every one completed, and extra points for how creative they got with the assignment.

The team with the most points at the end of the week is rewarded with a full paid for trip with Collins. This year the trip will be to Costa Rica.

The items themselves are already unique in how challenging and absurd they can be, like making a christmas tree fly. There's even a rule that if something on the list is deemed illegal you should not do it. "GISHWHES" has been responsible for breaking and establishing Guinness World records.

There are also a lot of items that focus on the theme of random acts of kindness. "GISHWHES" has donated to the homeless, raised money to help the wounded veterans.

There is a registration fee but you can apply for a Gishcolarship before the registration period closes. Participants can pay a friend's registration fee before sending them an invitation to join their team as well.

Registration for this years hunt will end in a two weeks and the hunt will go from August 1-8. Even if you can't be a participant, pictures and videos of completed tasks will find their way on the internet.