'Mini Bautista' Totally Called The Game Winning Hit

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Last night the Toronto Blue Jays clinched the ALDS series over the Texas Rangers but a video now viral, shows "Mini Bautista" totally calling the home run from Toronto hero Jose Bautista.

(Video Below)

This is what sports is all about for kids. They have their favorite player that they idolize and want to mimic their every move.

The kid now being referred to as "Mini Bautista" because of his face paint that was neatly done to resemble that of the real Bautista's distinctive beard, has gone viral.

Why? Well, many believe that his mimic or magic swing had something to do with Bautista's home run because they were both simultaneously done.

Mini Bautista winds up just like his favorite player. He takes a couple looks up to the camera and as both he and Bautista swing the ball is cracked into the stands for a home run that propelled Toronto past the Rangers.

The crowd went wild and the look on the little guys face is absolutely priceless.

These are the true moments that kids, parents and baseball players live for. The video is now circulating Reddit, YouTube and Twitter, but you can check it out below.