Milo Ventimiglia and Ellen DeGeneres Do Partner Push-Ups

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It looks like The Ellen Show can't get enough of Milo Ventimiglia and how in-shape he is. The actor paid another visit to the show where the host pointed out plenty of Ventimiglia's accolades.

DeGeneres shared some flattering photos of Ventimiglia who poked fun at his pose while eating Chinese food. He claimed that you have to fix you hair and accidentally show your muscles off.

DeGeneres said that he is a fit guy and when she hugs him, he is solid.

She then talked about the emotional This Is Us scene where Ventimiglia had to do push-ups with his son as he grows up through life.

Ventimiglia said everything had been about his co-star's character Randall's mom at that point, however, he finally got a chance to revisit his adoptive father who carried him on his back.

There was a lighter side to things on the set as Ventimiglia pointed out that the scene turned into putting the adult Randall, Sterling K. Brown on his back to do push-ups, then Justin Hartley and finally Brown got in the mix as well.

Ventimiglia volunteered to do push-ups with DeGeneres on his back and they actually flipped positions to add more laughter to the visit.

You can watch Milo Ventimiglia and Ellen DeGeneres do partner push-ups in the video below. You can catch Ventimiglia in This Is Us, Tuesdays on NBC.

Milo Ventimiglia and Ellen DeGeneres Do Partner Push-Ups