Million Dollar Listing NY Episode 10 Recap

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Million Dollar Listing is back this week with Fredrik making moves in Brooklyn, and Ryan warming up to Luis. Clearly there was some tension between Ryan and Luis when Ryan crashed an opening and tried to make Luis look stupid.

The thing about this show is that Luis is actually the most likable because he is the most naive.

He's willing to trust people and not screw them over, so this episode starts out with a chance for Ryan to reciprocate that 'niceness'. But if you know anything about Bravo reality shows, you know that it's never that simple.

Luis gives in to Ryans request to meet up... again.

But cleary he is being cautious.

In the meantime, Fredrik is working hard in Brooklyn trying to sell a townhouse which feels like it's been taking years based on the timeline of the season.

Though to be fair, that townhouse was a point of fighting in the last episode.

Anyways, the Luis and Ryan meeting is a bit awkward. Ryan actually apologizes to Luis, but time after time Ryan screws him over, so Luis now has to trust him. Luis goes back to his old client (who fired him originally) to bring up the new relationship with Ryan, who has a buyer for this certain building. Ryan brings a low ball offer to the building owner and as she reasonably explains the situation, Ryan comes across as a douche questioning everything she says.

But he gets her down quite a ways on price and closes the deal for $6.1M. And for once, Luis doesn't get screwed over.. and Ryan even writes him a referral check.

The big take away from the Fredrik world is during an anniversary with his husband Derek Kaplan, who buys Fredrik a puppy.

And whereas the puppy is adorable, Fredrik knows that the whole baby thing isn't happening. At least in this episode.