Milla Jovovich Has Been Cast In The 'Monster Hunter' Film Adaptation

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Monster Hunter is a game franchise made from Capcom and is loved by millions of gamers around the world.

The latest game in the series called Monster Hunter World is an early 'Game of the Year' contender and introduced the series to more Western gamers.

Due to the popularity of the video game series, we are now going to see a Hollywood version in a film adaptation.

As reported by Variety, action star heroine Milla Jovovich has been cast to star in a Monster Hunter film.

Milla Jovovich should be already known to most gamers as she was cast to be the main character in the Resident Evil film series.

That said, she played an original character by the name of Alice instead of assuming the role of a character from the actual video games.

Jovovich's casting in Monster Hunter should not come as any surprise mainly because her husband Paul WS Anderson is directing the film. The film has a budget of $60 million so it won't be a cheap production.

Many people that worked on the Resident Evil film series will also be involved with Monster Hunter. They are currently hoping they can start filming in September 2018.

The film is also expected to take place in South Africa which is the same country that the last Resident Evil movie was filmed in. As of right now, there is no scheduled release date for the movie yet.

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