Mike Shinoda Displays All His Artistry In 'Welcome' Music Video From Fort Minor

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If you're a fan of Linkin Park you know that Mike Shinoda has a natural talent of rapping and singing.

He's also an incredible artist and pretty damn good at producing tracks. In the latest Fort Minor music video for "Welcome," Shinoda displays every facet of his artistic skills.

(Video Below)

The "Welcome" music video was shared via Fort Minor's YouTube Channel, Linkin Park's Twitter account and LootCrate.

It features Shinoda in his many artistic roles from creating a kick-ass mural to performing the little bits of production that came together in the song.

Looking past the 360 version and into the standard version, you're able to see the amount of layers that Shinoda has artistically.

The video is a few weeks old, especially the incredible 360 version that allows viewers to have a more interactive viewing experience. Shinoda's Fort Minor return is a bit of a lonely one at the moment.

The Styles of Beyond members Ryan Patrick Maginn (Ryu) and Takbir Bashir (Tak) haven't joined him in the new track and there is yet to be confirmation as to whether or not they will be back for another Fort Minor album.

However, in a recent Artist Direct interview, Shinoda said he's concentrating on Linkin Park before he thinks about moving forward with a new Fort Minor project.

"I'll see how things go with Fort Minor. With that said, I'm always writing music, and there are times when I write something and I think it's really great," Shinoda said in the interview.

"However, it might not be for the other guys in the band. Now, that door's open, I feel like I wouldn't have a problem offering something up to the fans just because it's there, it's done, and it feels good."

For Fort Minor fans this a huge sign of hope for a future project. In the meantime you can enjoy the "Welcome" music video below.

Watch the "Welcome" music video below.