The Midnight Beast and Musical Bethan Cover 'Better Than Sex' and 'My First Time'

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It's Monday, so that means a new video from The Midnight Beast. This time they brought on guest YouTuber the Musical Bethan for a go at something each of them has never done before.

Stefan Abingdon, Ashley Horne, and Dru Wakely make up the band and video workings of The Midnight Beast. As YouTuber relations go, if you appear on someone else channel they appear on yours.

So the boys were in two videos today along with the Musical Bethan. In her video, the group covered their song, "Better Than Sex" with Bethan taking the lead.

In their own video, the four of them did something they've never done before for the first time. Each of the other three people also attempted the thing or helped the one person succeed in their first time. Funniest moments were Abingdon, who had never shotgun an alcoholic beverage before.

And seemingly neither had any of the other three because they all failed miserably.

As well as Bethan's own example, which was that she had never been on the top of a human pyramid. This was just destined to fail as they would have needed two more people to get it right.


My First Time With Musical Bethan l The Monday Beast